Credit Card Generator

Do Credit Card Generators Exist?

The first thing I'd like to point out is that the use of any form of credit card generator is massively illegal. Whatprice does not condone the use of credit card generators under any circumstances.

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What are credit card generators?

Besides being illegal it is a piece of software that will make up a the details of a credit card that will fool the rudimentary checks certain online stores do when you pay for goods.

So, do they exist then?

Unfortunately the answer is yes, there are sites on the web and in particular via certain p2p networks that would allow you to download the software. If you've never seen a p2p network (like E-donkey or Gnutella) be wary. Although there are legitimate downloads available much of the downloads available are illegal. Besides even if you think you are downloading some legal patch or movie trailer the chances are you aren't. For example the movie Bambi isn't about some cute baby red deer! You are taking an executable file from an unknown dodgy source and by passing your firewall and anti virus to run it on your PC. Chances are it could install some spyware, steal all your passwords, credit card numbers and bank details and then trash your hard drive.

Why use a Credit Card Generator?

Who pays for credit card fraud?

Ultimately we do. Banks and other financial institutions will pass on their losses to us in the form of higher fees and interest rates.

What is punishment for using one?

As it is fraud you could be sent to jail. A recent case (of much bigger proportions) in the US saw a British man sentenced to 14 years in prison for credit card fraud. You will get a criminal record which could have repercussions for the rest of your life.


Yes credit card generators do exist but if you use one you could:

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"Credit Card Generators if you use them on games to buy something you can get banned only or nothing. Or get a fee of 15$-50$(like paying for nothing). But its serious if you use them for buying something you can get arrested. Here its 6-12 years prison and 10,000 BGN(about 7,300$)so better not use for real life stuff and where you can get arrested."


"i was happy i found this. peer preassure started 4 me to look for downloads of this credit card generator. but luckiley i found this and had a good read and relized and laughed thinking the people who have this are going to go to jail. i dont want to spend 14 years behind bars so i want to say thankyou."


"I just got 1 question.What if they used the fake credit card numbers and uses a software that hides their ip address,can they still be traced?"


"This page should be seen by all the people thinking about credit card fraud this the right thing that should be done"


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"why dont people just get an online bussiness instead of doing things like this "




"There is another reason to use credit card generator and that is for QA and testing."


"thank's for your advise mr. you're absolutly right 100%, this is a crime of cyber space"