Employment Checks

Employment Background Check

Employers are conducting Employment background checks to reduce chances of fraud within an organisation. New employees will have access to the corporate network, contact details, applications and databases. This information could be used to the detriment of the company.

A pre employment check may also prevent people from applying to a role if they have something to hide. There are different levels of checks depending on the risk involved with employing these people. If you are applying for a senior position where you have access to a lot of important information, the level of the check may be more stringent.

The checks must be made in the full knowledge of the employee and they must sign their consent that they are happy for this to happen.
If you are working with children it is now essential that you have a CRB police check which gives you security clearance. You cannot apply for this your self so will have to apply to an organisation to do this for you.

This costs around £30 and can take several weeks as there is a backlog at most police stations.

CV Checks

More and more employers are now using agencies to check CV details - these agencies are like private detectives to ensure that all of the details are true on your CV. This gives an added reason not to lie on your cv - not only could you slip up in an interview if you are given a question regarding your lie but the employer could find out by using an agency to check out your details.

With employment checks being more common nowadays it is advisable to ensure that everything on your CV is honest and stands up to inspection. You dont want to lose out on a good jobs just because an employment check shows that you are somewhat 'economical' with the truth!

By Hazel Culley

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