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Here is a list of questions that I found useful to ask, they give you an indication of the vendors situation.

  1. How long have the lived in the flat/ house (if it is a long time it is less likely that they are moving because there are problems)
  2. Why are the vendors moving?
  3. Have they already found somewhere to buy? Is it a long chain?
  4. How long has the house been on the market?
  5. Who are the neighbours?
  6. How quickly are the hoping for the sale to go through? Make sure their plan marries up with yours as this can save problems later on

These list of questions are specific to the internal of the house you are thinking of buying:

  1. Heating - is it gas/ electric
  2. How old is the boiler
  3. Are the electrics up to date
  4. Is the house freehold or leasehold? (Particularly important for London)
  5. If the house is leasehold - how long is the lease?
  6. Is there a service charge - what does this cover
  7. What is the vendor including in the sale (oven, fridge sofa?)
  8. Is there access to a garden?
  9. Have a close look at paintwork/ walls - is there a lot of workinvolved in bringing the house up to date
  10. How much is the council tax?

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