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The UK is fighting Covid-19 and our doctors and nurses are on the frontline. The NHS is doing a great job of prioritising the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to go to the places most in need, but in such unprecedented times this is naturally proving difficult. This is not only putting staff at risk but also the patients that they are seeing.

To help alleviate this situation we are appealing to local companies and individuals to donate any kit that they might have, face masks, gowns, disinfectant wipes etc. We can then assist in getting this equipment to the right place, and getting it there fast.

If you have anything that may be suitable please contact us, giving your location and the details of what you have, and we will help you to work out how best to get it to your local NHS treatment centre.

If you are an NHS institution that is looking for donations please let us know your details and we will publish them here.

The items that are needed are:

Local Contacts

Cambridgeshire – If you are in the Cambridge area then please visit this page to arrange delivery for use at Addenbrookes hospital



To contact us please email

Or use the form below

Please get in contact if you have any protective equipment you can donate, or if you are an NHS site that needs PPE for your staff.


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