Fish and Chip Prices

Fish and Chip Prices in the UK

The table below indicates typical prices for fish and chips in the UK. The standard dish is considered to be a portion of fish (Cod, Plaice, Haddock etc) with a medium portion of chips. If your fish and chips comes from a resturant rather than a fish and chip shop then this meal will usually come with some salad or other dressing.

If you have had fish and chips recently then please fill in our incredibly short customer feedback form with details of your fish and chips! We are looking for the cheapest and most extravagant dish of the UK's favourite takeaway!

So far the cheapest fish and chips from £2.50 in Suffolk and the most expensive is from £9.99 from a resturant in Cambridge. I'm sure you could beat that!

How much did you pay for your fish and chips??

Fish and Chip Supper: Disclaimer
Location of Fish and Chips Details of Fish and Chips Price of Fish and Chips
SuffolkFish and Chip Shop £2.50
LondonFish and Chip Shop £5.00
NewcastleFish and Chip Shop £3.00
SunderlandFish and Chip Shop £2.50
CheltenhamFish and Chip Shop £4.87
LlaneliFish and Chip Shop £4.20
SurreyFish and Chip Shop£4.80
UK Average Fish and Chip Shop £3.30
CambridgeRestaurant £9.99

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"I`m on holiday in (Oban)Scotland 14th April 2015 and I can`t believe the price of Fish and Chips,£10 \"

john mccartan

"I have been paying £4 until recently (Feb 2015) the price has gone up to £4.15 and yet inflation is approaching zero. "


"Fish dish in Bradford city centre James street 2.60 and delicious. Best kept secret in west Yorkshire fabulous. "


"went down new quay Wales and paid £7 for cod and chips in a box "


"Fish and Chips prices---- Iwent to a fish and chip shop in west london right near the st marys hospital (paddington) and for 2 portions of cod and chips the price came to £15.10p, i told them to keep it"

walter coady

"Lovely generous and tasty Fish and chips £1.99 at Haq's supermarket, Bradford, West Yorkshire"


"I live in Swindon Wilts. The local chippy is a Trawlerman. The cost of a Large Haddock (they do not look large to me more like a medium) and a large portion of chips is £7.30. The quality is very good, but the price is out of order. In the early 1960's it would have cost 1/6d."

"£6 for a medium portion of take away fish and chips in Cowes, at Corries Cabin! The price just keeps going up and up, every time I buy!"


"$14 In Western Australia, so I think your all lucky FEb 2012"


"no where in newcastle can you get that price its about 4pound minumum usaly a 5a"


"I have been to Dartmouth and Filthy Mcnasty Fish and chip shop was doing hadoc and chips for 85P! That was in 1987 though. "

J. Coles

"fish and chips down my place £2.00 "


"£6.50 in NewStevensrton mate "

Yer maw

"£2.80 in Paignton for a large adults portion, which is well below the area average. I thought they must be making a loss, but they have been there for ages now."


"Inverness area, the average price is £5.50. However you do get a large fish and more chips than most people could eat."


"I DONT BELIEVE IT - I thought it was about £8 - WOW"


"I'll go to london (Canburry), but 5 pound for Fish 'n Chips is that for childrens or adults?"


"Wow some of these prices are insane! a large portion of chips here is about £1.60"


"£5.30 in Motherwell!! Infact, everywhere in Glasgow is expensive for fish and chips."


"good site "


"£2.50 for f&c - was it a small /kids portion - come on now - thee must have been a special offer/gimmick at the time. it is not possible to do it at this price unless you are planning to make a loss!"


" 99p in Morecambe I hear Admin - really - what for a fishfinger and a chip?"


"this was well helpful! helped me wit my business coursework it did! cheers!"