Staying Fit and Healthy in Winter

Top tips for losing weight this winter


For a lot of people, they seem to pack on a few pounds during the winter months, but that doesn't have to be the case.  There are all kinds of great fitness activities and fitness routines that you can do in the winter to ensure that you don't gain any weight and maybe even instead you lose a few pounds and get back in shape.  If you are looking for ways to slim down during the winter months or even just tone up, check out some great workout tips and ways that you can stay fit and be healthy during those cold, dark, winter months.

Get Outdoors to lose weight

One of the great things about the winter time is that there are a lot of great activities that you can do outdoors.  Sure, you are going to have to dress up and deal with some cold weather, but with the right gear, you'll do just fine.  Plus, being able to go outside and workout is so much better than trying to cram a workout in when you are indoors.  Try some of the great outdoor activities that you can do in the winter.  There are a lot of people that really enjoy doing things outdoors like cross country skiing.  When it comes to workouts, cross country skiing is one of the best ones there is.  It can be compared to swimming as a workout because it works a lot of different muscle groups all at once while still being a great cardiovascular workout.  If you enjoy the outdoors, get a pair of cross country skis and find some trails in your area where you can head out and ski your heart out, you'll be amazed at the workout that you get and the way you feel the next day.

Join a Team this winter

For people that aren't exactly the outdoors type, see if there are winter sports leagues that you can join.  Just like professional sports, in the winter people play sports like hockey and basketball.  If you enjoy the cold weather and you can skate, trying to join a hockey league may be a great idea. If there is an indoor or an outdoor rink near you, contact them and see if they have a league that you can join or even if they just have a drop in time to come and play pick up hockey with a few other people.  You also can do the same thing with basketball, call the local gym or a private gym that offers a membership and see what they are offering.  With any sports league, you want to be sure that you are matching yourself up with a skill level that is reasonable for you.  You don' t want to join a league and find out that you are in way over your head, ask for a skill level that really fits you so that it is enjoyable.

Hit the Gym during winter

 Generally, during the winter, there are all kinds of great deals on memberships.  As people make the New Year's resolution to lose weight, gyms offer enrollment much cheaper to attract them in.  Sure, the gym may be a little busier the first few weeks of January, but stick it out and you'll see the people that weren't serious about their goals weed out slowly and you'll get the gym back to it's regular level.  Gyms are great because they offer all kinds of great options for getting in a great workout.  Generally, they will have machines that you can do cardiovascular work on or weight lifting.  They also usually have some great workout classes where you can get instruction and be pushed by a teacher.  You also may be able to sign up to get some personal training, which if you aren't able to motivate yourself is a great way to get yourself in gear to get the results that you are looking for.  Check out local gyms in your area.

There are all kinds of great ways to stay in shape in the winter.  You'll have all kinds of activities to choose from, and you'll have to determine which fits you the best and which ones you want to stay away from.  If you enjoy the outdoors, look into things like skiing and hockey leagues, otherwise there are great gyms and indoor sport leagues that you can join to play and get in shape.  Don't just sit around all winter, find some great activities and keep your fitness level up.



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