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 We are a nation of food and drink lovers, from the traditional Sunday roast with a pint of ale through to an Italian bistro style pasta with sparkling mineral water.

Whatprice have collected pricing information on your favourite drinks and have also researched a large collection of Food and Drink articles for your reading and taste bud pleasure.

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Growing Backyard Grapes Growing grapes in the backyard or garden can be a rewarding experience. It can also be quite a failure if not done properly.... 2012-08-18
Beer Brewing Most beers are based on a basic four-ingredient recipe, and undergo a simple brewing process before bringing joy to the parched bar patrons of the world.... 2011-04-29
Chocolate Description of the different types of chocolate available... 2011-04-29
Antioxidant Benefits of Coffee An article on coffee and its potential as being an antioxidant. Research is discussed illustrating that there is not one single solution to people's health problems, and that not all types of coffee a... 2011-04-29
Beer Prices Interestingly the price of beer in a free house pub is cheaper than the price of beer in a chain pub, but still far more expensive than the average pint of lager in Europe. However we dont have it too... 2011-04-23
Types of Cookers The kitchen is the hub of the home. This article covers the type of cookers available and helps you to decide which is best for your home and family. ... 2010-07-25
Dry and Sweet Wines Taking a trip to the wine store for the first time can be quite a challenge; you will see different kinds of wine in various colours and names. Most of the time, the labels would indicate dry wine or ... 2009-06-04
Vegan The hardest thing about being a vegan, isn't resisting temptation to eat meat, but trying to avoid hidden animal products in everything from sweets and beer to bread and even soy products. ... 2009-04-30
German Wine The below information is meant to be a quick and easy way to understand German wines. They are some of the most interesting and misunderstood wines on the market and are a secret among the inner sanct... 2009-04-20
Spanish Wines Take time to get to explore the diverse range of stunning Spanish wines on offer - you are sure to be in for a real treat!... 2009-04-13
Fair trade Coffee Some Interesting Facts and questions about Fair trade gourmet coffee: ... 2009-04-13
Fair trade Coffee Some Interesting Facts and questions about Fair trade gourmet coffee: ... 2009-04-13
Venison Venison is an excellent source of protein that is low in fat. Its time to look at venison as an alternative to beef.... 2009-04-13
Chocolate Brownie Recipe These chocolate brownies really are to die for! An American girlfriend gave me the recipe 20 years ago now, and every time I make them people rave over them! I have also made an alternative recipe to ... 2008-09-02
Growing Hybrid Grapes Growing hybrid grapes is becoming more popular for wine and eating. This popularity comes from the fact that hybrid grapes can be grown in areas where the traditional European grapes cannot survive.... 2008-03-28
Healthy Drinks A list of drinks that can help improve and prevent health problems such as blood pressure and anaemia, and improve your mental ability and concentration.... 2008-02-10
Recipes Tricks A few tips are listed to help with saving time and energy spent in the kitchen preparing meals. Very useful advice especially for working mothers.... 2008-02-01
Health Benefits of Peppers A collection of facts about peppers and how they can be used. There is also advice on how to handle the more 'spicy' varieties.... 2008-02-01
Vegetable Selection Tips The best way to select your vegetables and store them to retain their freshness for longer.... 2008-02-01
Green Tea Health Benefits A collection of the pros and cons of green tea which has not formally been approved by the FDA but which is believed by many to be a cure for many ailments.... 2008-02-01
Christmas Dinner Whatprice takes a look at the cost of a Christmas Dinner for a typical family of 4... 2007-12-24
Superfoods Why has the term ‘superfood' become so popular recently? Fruit and vegetables are good for you, but what are superfoods?... 2007-08-06
Vegetarian Barbecue Yes, it's true, vegetarians can enjoy barbecues too! If you are a meat-eater with some vegetarian guests coming round for a barbecue, it is very easy to rustle up some tasty vegetarian food. There are... 2007-07-27
Growing Herbs Indoors The popularity of fresh herbs with home chefs, and the fact that many of us are now apartment dwellers, mean that an indoor herb garden can be both decorative and useful. ... 2007-07-23
Monosodium Glutamate Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a food additive often used as a 'flavour enhancer' in fast food, snack foods, tinned and frozen food. Why is MSG used so much, and is it bad for you?... 2007-06-14
GM Food Have you ever wondered what happened to genetically modified (GM) food? Does any of our food actually come from GM organisms, and does GM food have a future on the supermarket shelves?... 2007-05-28
Organic and Healthy Organic produce is one of the fastest growing food retail sectors in the country.Recent research by market analysts nVision suggests four in ten adults now choose organic options on a regular basis.... 2007-05-05
Fairtrade, Organic Or Local I find myself torn apart with choices when deciding which is the most ethical, eco friendly and/or healthy option when it comes to shopping for food and non-food products.... 2007-05-05
Fairtrade Food The Fairtrade Foundation exists to ensure that producers are guaranteed a minimum price for their goods irrespective of world prices.... 2007-05-05
Wine Labels Even for the avid wine drinker, deciding on a bottle of wine can be a daunting task with so many varieties of wine on the market today.Once you have an idea of what to look for on a wine label, deciph... 2007-05-05
Tea Making Tea is made by steeping processed leaves, buds, or twigs of the tea bush in hot water for a few minutes, a great variety of tea tastes, aromas and colors can excite even the more skeptical drinker... 2007-05-05
Red Wine Making Growing your own grapes? Thinking of making your own red wine? This guide will help you on your way.... 2007-04-30
Colorado Vineyard Wines Announcing! One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World of Wine... ... 2007-04-30
Harvest Growing Grapes This is the time of the year that I keep hearing the question "When do I harvest my grapes?" Or sometimes the question is phrased "Are my grapes ripe yet?" And then there's the "Are they ready yet?" ... 2007-04-30
Wine Racks Temperature, humidity, lighting conditions and movement play important roles for wines to mature properly, and your choice of wine rack plays an important role in this.... 2007-04-30
Winery Tour As a tour to do in South Australia the wineries are surely a must! Unfortunately I have so far only had the opportunity to tour Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale so this article won't be as full as I wo... 2007-04-30
Wine As Christmas Gifts When it comes to class and finesse, there is nothing better than wine. And this is the reason why wine is made for Christmas.... 2007-04-30
Coffee Makers Automatic coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes. You can find ones that make regular coffee, and those that make specialty drinks like espresso or latte. No matter what your coffee fetish may be,... 2007-04-30
Summer Barbecue Cleaning One of the greatest pleasures of the long summer days is standing over a scalding barbecue grill in your backyard blackening a row of your favorite sausages. ... 2007-04-30

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