Beer Prices

UK Pub Beer Prices

The Cost of beer in different UK locations
by Alastair Taylor

Most people like the odd drink or two down the local pub, but the variation in beer prices across the UK will probably suprise you! Generally speaking the further north you go the cheaper it gets, with London (as expected) being the most expensive for a pint of beer. The tables below lists a number of UK places and how much a pint of beer and lager typically costs there.

For comparision purposes the lager prices will typically be a 4% lager, such as Fosters, Carlsberg, or Carling. A pint of bitter will be the brewers real ale.

Interestingly the price of beer in a free house pub is cheaper than the price of beer in a chain pub, but still far more expensive than the average pint of lager in Europe. However we dont have it too bad, the average price of beer in Norway is over £3!

APRIL 2008 UPDATE: The prices shown below were surveyed quite a while ago and are kept for reference only. In order to provide more up to date prices of beer, lager, cider and stout around the UK please tell us how much it costs in your local using the form below. For the purposes of this survey we define the following types of drink

Bitter: e.g. John Smiths. Standard ABV less than 4%. Premium 4% ABV or more.

Lager: e.g. Fosters. Standard ABV <4%. Premium 4% ABV or more.

Cider: e.g. Woodpecker. Standard ABV <5%: premium 5% ABV or more.

Stout: e.g. Guiness. All types.

Please tell us your own prices

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UK Pub Beer Prices

 Pub Location Pub Type Price of Beer Type of Beer
Cambridge Pub Chain £2.30 ale
Cambridge Free House pub £2.10 ale
Oxford Pub Chain £2.40 ale
Oxford Free House pub £2.20 ale
London Pub Chain £2.24 ale
London Most Expensive Pub £3.00 ale
North West England Any Pub £1.87 ale
Yorkshire Any Pub £1.88 ale
Yorkshire Cheapest Pub £1.09 ale
East Anglia Average Beer Price £2.15 ale
East Midlands Average Beer Price £1.99 ale
London Average Beer Price £2.24 ale
North Average Beer Price £1.94 ale
North West Average Beer Price £1.87 ale
Scotland Average Beer Price £2.12 ale
South East Average Beer Price £2.22 ale
South West Average Beer Price £2.11 ale
Wales Average Beer Price £1.96 ale
West Midlands Average Beer Price £1.97 ale
UK Average Average Beer Price £2.05 ale

Move North For Cheaper Lager Prices!

 Pub LocationType of Pub Price of Beer Type of Beer 
Cambridge Pub Chain £2.30 lager
Cambridge Free House pub £2.10 lager
Oxford Pub Chain £2.40 lager
Oxford Free House pub £2.20 lager
London Pub Chain £2.24 lager
London Most Expensive Pub £3.00 lager
London Average Beer Price £2.41 lager
North Average Beer Price £2.16 lager
North West Average Beer Price £2.03 lager
Scotland Average Beer Price £2.15 lager
South East Average Beer Price £2.42 lager
South West Average Beer Price £2.30 lager

Average Beer Price £2.11 lager
West Midlands Average Beer Price £2.17 lager
Yorkshire Average Beer Price £2.12 lager
Yorkshire Cheapest Pub - Free house £1.25 lager
Eurpoean Average Any Pub or Bar £1.40 strong lager
UK Average Free house Pubs £2.16 lager
UK Average Average Beer Price £2.25 lager

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"When I was a first year apprentice a pint cost 1sh 8d - less than 8½p in today's money. (OK, it was a long time ago - 1970). I had 5 guineas (£1-1s-0d) a week living allowance. That's 63 pints a week. (We lived on beer!) Today at, say, £3.00 a pint an apprentice would have to have £189 a week disposable income to be on a par. By the way, I now live in Sweden, was out last night and paid around a fiver for 0.5l (less than a pint). I won't even go into the price of a good whisky! Needless to say, we drink at home!"


"I'm in Cape Town South Africa and a pint of beer costs between 90p-1Pound. Stella, Fosters, you name it."


"I\\\'m in Cape Town South Africa, and they average pint of lager is 90p. Beat that."


"Why is lager traditionally about 20p more than ale?"

Mike B

"Don`t complain, in sweden, a pint costs 5.00 GBP. And when the price is that high, we don`t complain. We feel very comfortable. "


"Im from Ireland, and the average price of a pint of lager is 4.70euro. and if you go to the capital (dublin) expect to pay over 5euro"


"Here in the states, in the medium sized city of Charlotte, North Carolina, an American pint (16 ounces) of decent "craft beer" (not crappy Budweiser or Miller) goes for about 4.00 dollars. That's about 2.50 in today's pound. "

R. Davis

"Have beer prices increased in recent months with the economic downturn and fall of the British pound? As an American, the exchange rate is FINALLY starting to get to a point where I could afford a pint in London!!! I was in Dublin and Amsterdam last year and found it hard to find a pub that was less than $7 or $8 a pint (Euro was at $1.41 USD at the time...and earlier this year was at $1.61 USD...the pound was around $2.01) For the record, here in Los Angeles, I\'m paying about $4.50 USD a pint, and was in my home town of Milwaukee last month paying around $3USD (Milwaukee remains a beer drinkers paradise...lots and lots of bars and up and coming microbreweries replacing the big ones that have all closed (except for Miller). The only downside is bitter cold weather from November to April (but hey, its cozy in the pubs!!!)"


"I run a pub in the North West, Carling 2.45 Boddingtons 1.90 Stella 2.70. wet pub only down £500 on last year per week, average takings 3800 net of VAT per week, after all the overheads ( elec on av £125 per week) wife and I are left with £200 - £300 between us a week for an average 70+ hour week EACH hardly worth the effort so I am now forced to look for other employment and enrolling on an HGV course to earn a real wage ! who's to blame, government have always been robbers so we can accept this, It is the PUBCO'S who lie through their teeth and take tenants to the cleaners and don't support them in the bad times, the traditional boozer like mine will be like the Dodo soon unless radical steps are taken, anyway roll on the M6 !!!"

Dave the Landlord

"Average price of Lager in S Africa 80p. Draught - 500ml 1.05p"


"Watched the Champions League final at the pub here in Ontario. $7-05 for a pint of 80 shilling. Large cans of UK beer at the beer store are about $10-00 for four."

Marcel villeneuve

"I'm in Kansas City and our pints are running the same - $6.00 to $8.00 (US) which is £3.00- £4.00. Word is that our ethanol blend of gas has increased corn production, which diminishes the hops and barley crops. The large international breweries either own the farmland or are co-ops for the supply chain. Smaller breweries are forced to pay higher market prices. Still - the weather has been great for growing and there's no forecast of diminished crop yield, so it's a mystery why the cost is so high."


"If you think it's bad now, just wait - the WHO's (World Hysteria Organization) announcement just today, that they got the "nod" to "tackle harmful use of alcohol", will multiply the price by 10 or so within 5 years. Ask yourself if it was you who gave that "nod"?? Oh and Fosters is cat's ***! "


"Beer is cheap here in South Africa guys, I bought a pint of Amstel for R10.00 last night. 1 pound can get you do the math. You guys are getting ripped off big time. Amstel is no longer brewed here and is now imported from europe. Even after importing it's still cheaper. But hey, I aint complaining...just giving you guys a heads-up."


"am not what, you would say a beer guzzler thank god,with these prices just seems every time i pop into my local i get punched punch."


"I've just looked at this site as a landlord to see what prices are like and i have a certain amount of sympathy for customers paying these prices but if pubs (tenanted & leased especilly) didnt put the prices up there would soon be no pubs and we could all sit in the isles at Tescos and sainsburys and get hammered for a tenner. The blame lies at the feet at the government for taxes and letting pub companys such as enterprise, punch etc corner the market. Until the pub companies are sorted out and the government gets there heads out of the aren't we are all going to suffer?"


"beer costs too much aussie beer is heaps better "


"/beer prices i paid 3.40 for a pint of stella in a pub in brighstone i.o.w the chap next to me bought a stella with a dash of lime and was charged 3.90!"


"funny, am in Nairobi and average beer prices are clos to 2 pounds!"


"I was charged £3.15 for a pint lager (Fosters) shandy today. What a disgrace"


"I used to be a regular early doors pub goer drinking 2 or 3 pints a night before supper. Over the years this has become more and more expensive. I now drink beer at home. I had a pint in Newport, Isle of Wight where I live, a few nights ago- £3.20 for a local beer. It'll be a long time before the next one at that price!"


"When was these prices found? ie when last updated?"


"my local in the north west charges 2.50 for a carlsberg. Export, stella and san miguel 2.60 and bitters 2.20. not bad."

John smith

"Only 4 dollars a pint for Micro brew ale here in Seattle"


"just been forced by punch and gov't to increase my prices at a pub on the south coast. stella £3.35, guiness £3.2 carlsberg £3.00. Idont know if I am going to be in buisness this time next year The gov't(£28k vat £10k rates £15k tax and ni) and punch (about £100k rent and profit from beer) will loose out a little I will lose my lively hood and my home probably my relationship as we fight to hang on to a buisness that i have given the last ten years to "

G reg

"My local pub in Devon charges 3.20 for a pint of Stella."


"I am disgusted, the beer in my local has gone up twice in 2 weeks by 20p overall, Guinness is now £2.90 and Carling £2.80, it just pushes you away, i will be going to Tesco for my next beer, and sit in the ailse after i have paid, just to see if the atmosphere is the same as my local. Well done Punch and the Government."


"Norway average about 5 £ per 0,4 l. beer! Just for the record. A drink with 4cl spirits average 8 £. Fancy a pint over here? :)"


"if you think norway is expensive try paris average price £7 _ £8 a pint!"

ruth and tim

"I am shocked, I thought the beer prices would be higher, I have a pub in the North West and I am having to raise Real Ales from £1.95 to £2.05, My average 4% lager is £2.55 and Premiums at £2.80!I have had massive rises in prices not sure how I am going to break it to the punters...some increases were so high, I had to take them off the bar."


"I own a club{social}in the midlands,beer is £1.73 and lager £2.00,we are about to put the prices up and there is uproar,nowdays owners,managers cannot win,smoking ban,cheap supermarkets,govnerment taxes.No wonder there is on average 40 pubs closing every week,god knows how you non-owners manage to keep your heads above water,breweries, punch etc are modern day Highwaymen."

Tony D

"My local pub charges £2.90. for a pint of Stella. I live in lincolnshire"

D. Partridge

"I run a pub on the south coast the price of beer ranges between £2.55 and £2.90 and lager between £2.80 and £3.15. I am foced to charge these extotionate prices by the pub owning barrons such as punch enterprise etc. "

G Reg

"Together with the smoking ban. The death of the pub."


"im sure glad i wasnt drinking when reading these prices"