Christmas Dinner

Cost of Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinners are traditionally a fancy affair, with more food than you could possibly ever eat! But how much does all that Christmas Turkey and all the trimming actually cost you? The cost of Christmas dinner should not be overlooked as it could quickly start to ‘eat into' your Christmas budget.

Whatprice have decided to take a look at the common items found at a Christmas Dinner table, and price them up for a family of 4, who happen to all get along well for Christmas.

The following tables give examples of typical Christmas dinner selections. Note that these are prices for a standard Christmas dinner, we have not selected any supermarket value ranges, or anything from their premium ranges either. This list should also give you ideas for your Christmas dinner as well as hopefully reminding you of some of the essentials!

Starters and Nibbles

Crisps - £2.98
Canapes - £2.99
Prawn Cocktails - £2.99

Total - £8.96

Christmas Main Course

Christmas Turkey - £17.35
Sausages in Bacon - £2.99
Broccoli - £2.98
Roast Potatoes - £1.64
Stuffing - £1.40
Cranberry Sauce - £0.99
Carrots - £0.99
Brussels Sprouts-£0.98
Gravy Granules - £0.88
Onions- £0.88

TOTAL - £31.08

Desert and Cheeses

Cheese Selection - £4.39
Christmas Pudding - £1.98
Chocolate Log - £1.59
Cheese Biscuits - £1.39
Cream - £0.88

TOTAL - £10.38

Christmas Drinks

Small bottle port - £5.99
1 Bottle Wine - £4.99
4 Pack Lager - £3.99
2 Bottles Soda - £1.98

TOTAL - £16.95


In total the Christmas dinner for 4 will set you back £67.37, which is £16.84 each. Of course the total amount that you choose to spend on your Christmas Dinner could vary a great deal from this, but hopefully it gives you an idea as to what a normal, slightly gut busting and alcohol sloshing Christmas dinner will cost.

To top off the Dinner we have also looked at a few extras that you may think of buying to liven up the dinner tables. Again for a family of 4:

Christmas Specials

Christmas dinner party murder mystery game - £9.99
Christmas Candles - £4.99
Fancy Napkins - £6.99
Christmas Crackers - £3.97
Party Poppers - £0.93

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