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Gardening is a wonderful pastime with many different areas that you can work on and enjoy. As well as thinking about the plants and trees you may want to grow in your garden you should also think about the objects, tools and features that you can have in your garden.

Garden sheds, ponds, fences and patios all add up to turn a garden into a wonderfully landscaped area, but you'll also need all your gardening tools - lawn mowers, shears, rakes and other more specialist items to be able to look after the area effectively.

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Garden Maintenance Articles: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
Patio Lighting Here are some tips on how to light your patio to extend the usefulness and fun of your yard.... 2011-04-29
Outdoor Kitchen? One way to enhance the outdoor living area of a home is the beautiful and practical addition of an outdoor kitchen.... 2011-04-29
Garden Wall A garden wall serves many purposes. It could be built to distinguish boundary lines. It could be to build to retain or hold back a slope. It could be built to add interest and complement your garden. ... 2011-04-29
Garden Gazebos The secret to a good gazebo is in the placement. Positioned correctly, your gazebo will add dimension to your landscape. Positioned incorrectly, your gazebo will make your backyard look disjointed and... 2010-10-05
Garden and Outside Lighting This article covers how to create the garden of your dreams. It covers various themes you could use and the best way to light your garden. ... 2010-07-03
Garden Lighting This article showed me how I could use lighting in Several areas of my patio and garden with string lights, they look great!... 2010-07-03
Putting Up a Garden Fence THis article explains the best material to use and how to go about putting up a garden fence. ... 2010-06-26
Choosing the Right Birdhouse I love watching birds in my garden and had always wanted to have a birdhouse. This article gave me some useful tips, specially as there are so many cats in the area!... 2010-06-06
Types and Styles of Garden Brickwork Any type of brick masonry produced by a brick layer by laying bricks and mortar together is known as brickwork; this includes walls and corner finishes. The pattern used for laying the bricks or the s... 2010-04-27
Water Garden A water garden can provide the most idyllic and tranquil setting to relax after gruelling days work. Water will add to the peace and serenity of the garden making it more inviting. It is a well know f... 2010-04-27
Garden Brickwork There are five brick patterns for veneers that have been commonly used for centuries. Note that the "header" is the short side that faces out while the "stretcher" is the long side that faces out. ... 2010-02-22
Building Decking Decking can enhance any garden space but can also serve as an additional outside room in the summer. This article explains the type of wood to use and how to build basic decking.... 2010-02-13
Patio Heaters Patio heaters are most often found during spring and summer, but their usefulness extends into colder months as well. Perfect for outdoor parties and barbecues, keep the festivities going even as the ... 2010-02-04
Patio Sun Fade if you’re considering the purchase of an umbrella for your home or business, you might be wondering about sun fade.... 2010-01-25
Wicker Patio Furniture The selection of patio furniture available is extensive as your imagination and you're only limited by your own design boundaries. The best place to begin is your own needs. ... 2010-01-24
Greenhouses Have you given any thought to what benefits there are in having a greenhouse in your backyard?... 2009-11-29
Shed Building A shed is a building separate from the main house that can be used to store for shelter materials and equipment. It can be also be used as workshop attached directly or far from building on either tem... 2009-11-29
Shed Building Why build a shed? A shed could be the answer to your storage problem. The garage cannot take in any more of your bigger stuff like the garden lawn mower or the wheel borrow. It might be that you had a... 2009-11-08
Deck Building A deck is a very useful and beautiful addition to your home. Aside from increasing the value of your property a deck would also function as an extension of your living area. It would serve as the mai... 2009-11-08
Laying Patio Are you thinking of building a patio? If you are not sure what a patio is, it is a paved outdoor area adjoining a house used for dining, lounging or recreation. Building a patio would definitely impr... 2009-11-08
Laying Patio Laying a patio can serve a multitude of purposes for you and your family for many years to come. Whether you are looking for an area to entertain, or just have a place to add to the value of your exi... 2009-11-04
Verandah Design Why not design your own verandah? After all, you know more than anyone else what you want out of this new addition to both your home and your garden, so you shouldn't rely solely on what someone else ... 2009-04-15
Greenhouses This article will highlight the important features to look for in a greenhouse and help you select the greenhouse kit for your plants and your lifestyle. ... 2008-04-07
Patio Design Advice on things to consider when designing your own patio. This includes what materials to use and what features to include, such as seat walls and water features.... 2008-01-21
Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Low voltage outdoor lighting is a safer and more energy-friendly solution. It also looks better as overly bright lights don't always look that good. ... 2007-07-23
Wrought Iron Furniture With the growing availability of outdoor wrought iron patio furniture on the market today it is easy to find furniture for your patio that will complement and coordinate with your indoor sense of styl... 2007-05-28

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