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7 Doís and Doníts for Positioning Deck and Garden Gazebos

One of best ways to extend your outdoor living space is by adding a gazebo. These pretty outdoor structures were originally used in Victorian times to shade fashionably pale ladies from the sun. Now they're being turned into everything from cozy eating areas to kid's playhouses, and getaway spaces to meditate.

But why is it that some gazebos blend so naturally into the backyard like they've been there forever, while others look stiff, awkward and stick out like a sore thumb?

The secret is in the placement! Positioned correctly, your gazebo will add dimension to your landscape. Positioned incorrectly, your gazebo will make your backyard look disjointed and junky.

Here are some do's and don't to help you get it right!

1. Do Place Gazebos at the End of a Path

Gazebos look wonderful and mysterious as a termination point at the end of a garden path. Visitors get the wonderful feeling that they are being drawn into the backyard and that makes it feel inviting and cozy.

2. Do Choose a Gazebo Spot Close to Water

If your home is on a lake or pond, take advantage of it. Position your outdoor gazebo on the point that overlooks the water.

You could also try placing your gazebo near a backyard waterfall or a trickling fountain and enjoy watching the birds splash about. Or how about by your pool?

One family I know built a patio gazebo at the deep end of their rock waterfall swimming pool. It was designed so that you could easily remove the railing on the pool side and dive right off the gazebo into the water.

3. Don't place a garden gazebo in the middle of your Yard unless you have a very large backyard.

A gazebo in the middle of a tiny yard will look like it's been dropped from outer space and will overpower the yard, but as the centrepiece of a grand estate, it can anchor and unite the space quite beautifully. It's all a matter of balance.

4. Do Take Advantage of a Raised Area

To enjoy picture postcard vistas like a beautiful sunset or bird's eye garden view, take advantage of any raised area in your yard.

One couple I know built an outdoor gazebo high on a terrace overlooking their jungle-like backyard and used it, not only for dining, but for dancing in the moonlight.

5. Do Place Gazebos on Decks

If you are looking for a little shelter, then a patio gazebo nestled in one corner of your deck can complement it beautifully. It can also help to break up what can be a long, boring space.

One backyard I toured had a gazebo on the deck that was used for dining. The ceiling of the gazebo was decorated with dozens of miniature white Christmas tree lights for a starry sky effect at night.

6. Don't Place your Outdoor Gazebo too far to one side of the House

If your beautiful garden gazebo is not even part of your view, then why bother to spend all that money to build it? Also, too far to one side can make the yard look lopsided if you don't balance the rest of the yard with some landscaping or other structures.

Off to one side will work o.k. if your gazebo is still partly in sight and there is a good reason for it to be there. For example, if the gazebo is placed nearby a tennis or bocce ball court, it can be a place to sit and watch the game. It can also hide something unattractive that you really don't want to look at like

7. Do make the Gazebo the Jewel in Your Garden

Another great place for your outdoor gazebo is smack dab in the middle of your garden where you can turn it into a quaint tea room or cozy reading spot. Not only will you able to enjoy looking out at all your magnificent flowers, but you'll be able to enjoy their beautiful aroma too.

So remember: For perfect deck and garden gazebo placement, plan ahead. Know the reason for placing your gazebo where you want to put it. When things make sense your garden design will flow beautifully.

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