Garden Sheds, turfing, patios etc

Looks at garden services, landscaping, and additions of features to the garden as well the cost associated with performing some DIY garden improvement tasks

Patios, decking, turfing and even garden sheds are all considered in this section.

Gardening Costs: Disclaimer
Decking Local joiner with no serious experience per m2£34
Decking  Local decking company with reputation per m2£92
Decking National decking company per m2£86
Decking Design and build yourself per m2£24
Patio Ground leveled, patio laid and pointed per m2£50, 60, £70
Patio  DIY per m2 info
Shed Self assembly good quality, timber shed per m2 buy
Shed  Timber and shed erection included per m2£52-90 article
Shed Shed erection (if not included) £85-100
Fencing Local companies - Standard materials per m £25-30 info
Fencing  Local company - High quality materials and gate per m £87
Trellis mer m £18-25
Pond Dig hole, liner, electric connection, simple fountain per m2 
Greenhouse Click for more info per m2£60-100 buy
Log Cabins Click for more info per m2£70-100 info
Summer Houses Click for more info per m2£180-225 info
Gardener Labour costs per hour £8-10 info
Laying a lawn Turfed: Surface rotivated, levelled and good quality turf per m2£3.55
Laying a lawn  DIY turfed
Click for more info
per m2 £2.26
Laying a lawn Grass seed per m2£0.50
Landscape Average garden professionally evaluated and modified per job £2000-3000,2500
Hedging Laurel 52 ft £223

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"Jan 2014 Bonafide insured gardeners £8-10 per hr (Isle of Wight) This is for basic stuff like hedges,cutting grass, shrubs, small trees etc. Approx 12.00 hr if they have any knowledge of plants eg how/when to prune. Does not include cost of green waste disposal"


"£3.55 per meter squared for laying a lawn! It costs between £3 and £4 for a meter square of turf (and we are in Barnsley, South Yorks. Hardly at the top end of cost of living scale). The prices on here are either incorrect or from many years ago."


"I think that these costs must come from the 90's as they are ridiculously low. I manage a business providing complete garden services from Maintenance through to Landscaping and Tree Works. The prices detailed on this website make it almost impossible to provide the materials let alone the labour, insurance, running costs and waste removal. I strongly recommend that the creators of the website re-evaluate the misguided figures that they are providing to the public. Employing dirt cheap contractors not only jeopardises build/job quality but also provides no work guarantees, operation without insurance and quite often encourages fly tipping. Customers should always ensure that contractors hold a relevant waste carriers licence as well as relevant insurance."

Gareth Broad of GWB Horticulture

"I charge 14 to 16 an hour for garden maintenance. About £4 of that goes in costs. Out of the remainder I don't get holiday pay or pension and I have to rely on what I save to last me the winter. This is as of Jan 2012. Could other people submitting please include the date? I'm not sure if im reading current prices or 5 years ago. TY"

Mike W

"these prices are ridiculously low and would be impossible to make a living if i charged these silly prices "


"This site is pretty good just had a makeover in my garden in Kent AJS garden renovation first class job and a bit cheaper than this site. "


"It would be nice to have a date as the laying a lawn seems ridiculously low..."


"This is a really useful site - always keeping the desired quality in mind but I was wondering why I can't add a price in gardening myself as I just had three quotes for tree removal which I thought could be useful for the community. "


"Your price for preparing and laying a lawn with best quality turf is rather wide of the mark. You'll pay £3 sqm for a good Rolawn turf alone (Oct 2010). You may also need to factor in delivery costs. Please stop publishing unreallistically low prices - it's hard enough to make a living!"


"Gardeners at £8 to £10 per hour? Not if they are bone fide self employed traders with insurance! I am a qualified professional gardener and am fed up of amateurs topping up their dole money or pension at £8 per hour. Then again I do get quite a bit of work correcting their bodged jobs! Depending on where you live you need to reckon on £15 to £20 per hour for a proper gardener, more in London or the Costswolds. Pay less at your peril!"


"You have got "gardener labour costs" at £8-10 p.h. This is unrealistic unless you intend to employ a retired old chap doing a few hours cash-in-hand for beer money. Realistic price for a proper gardener £12-15."


"Very informative and useful. "




"this was rubbish where are the costs for DIY patios??? "


"Thanks for the feedback.
Starting the end of this month we are going to sort through all the jobs that we collect info on and one thing that we'll try and do is make sure its clear what is or isn't included. for example is this a tradesman or diy cost."


"This site is very useful but is it possible to seperate Trade and diy prices as i feel these could be confusing to people reviewing this site when checking traders quotes."


"wow This site is amazing !"