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School kids stock their book bags. Football teams test their equipment. Chefs prep and measure ingredients. No matter the task, success depends on being equipped with the right gear. As warm weather approaches, it's time to ask yourself, "Is my outdoor garden tool arsenal armed with the equipment to make my lawn and garden thrive?"

The Basic Garden Tools

According to Steve Jansen, an outdoor power equipment expert at The Home Depot, the first step is to take a hard look at what's stored in your garage or garden shed. Rusted, hand-held clippers? A mower that pre-dates cable TV? Gloves with holes in the fingers? If so, it's time for an update. This process can occur gradually over the course of the season, but should start with the essentials:

Mower -- The centerpiece of most garden sheds, this equipment will see the most use. Select the model that best fits your lawn size and mowing style.

String trimmer -- A must-have for a polished, clean-looking yard.

Blower -- Blowers make quick work of clearing leaves, grass and debris on lawns, driveways and decks.

The Basics -- Evaluate the condition of all garden hand tools, blades and safety equipment like earplugs, leather gloves and goggles.

Power up your gardening tools

For the homeowner eager to create the ultimate power shed that will be the envy of the neighborhood, here are some items that add even more punch.

Riding Lawn Tractor -- You don't have to own acres to benefit from the extra horsepower and multitude of timesaving features found on many of the new riding lawn tractors, according to Jansen.

Tractor Attachments -- Take yard care to the next level with aerators, sprayers, rollers, sweepers, yard carts and dethatcher attachments.

Multi-purpose Trimmer -- Special attachments quickly convert a split-boom shaft trimmer -- a shaft that accepts attachments -- to a blower, hedger, edger, tiller and pruner.

Blower Vac -- An upgrade to a blower vacuum cuts this chore in half by collecting leaves and debris, then bagging it for redeposit.

Chainsaw -- The tool of choice for tree and land clearing, and cutting firewood.

Pressure Washer -- Growing in popularity among homeowners, a pressure washer is an effective, efficient way of cleaning decks, cement and siding.

For outdoor garden enthusiasts who want to have it all, here's the yard care equipment that adds the real "wow" factor to any power shed.

Chipper-Shredder -- Taking mulching one step further, the walk-behind chipper-shredder allows for collection of small branches, twigs and leaves.

Cultivator and Tiller -- Designed to break up the ground for planting, aeration and weed control, this type of equipment is ideal for gardeners who consistently make additions or changes to their outdoor space.

Generator -- Whether prone to severe weather or tackling large outdoor projects, this piece of equipment often gets used more than the owner anticipates. "For many, a generator serves as a major convenience for completing projects and dealing with power outages," said Jansen.

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