Growing Avodaco

How to Grow Avodaco

by: Hans Dekker

Fruit gardening and vegetable gardening is a very exciting venture. Growing Avocado's was one of the challenges I took on as a hobby fruit and vegetable gardener. When you are not an inhabitant of state with a tropical climate you can grow avocado's in containers.

Growing Avodaco

So, if you're a fan of the avocado, chances are you already know how to grow avocado plants. Although the avocado tree is a tropical plant that thrives only in zones 9, 10, and 11, many gardeners grow avocado plants indoors, they grow it as a houseplant. Avocado plants are typically started from the seed in the center of the fruit. Many gardeners begin their avocado plants by piercing the seed with toothpicks and then suspending it (pointed end up) over a glass, vase, or jar of water. You can keep the water sweet by adding some charcoal in the bottom of your container. In two to six weeks, if the seed germinates, you should have a young plant, ready to pot. However, not all avocado seeds will germinate in this way. If your seed hasn't sprouted in six weeks, toss it out and try again.

Alternative Growing Method For Avocado

Another method of how to grow avocado plants is leave the pit in the sunlight until is begins to split and then potting it in soil partly exposed like an amaryllis bulb or sweet potato vine. Use a four or five-inch pot to start your plant and set it in a nutrient rich potting soil that has good drainage. After your plant is about a foot tall, pinch it back to half. Pinching it back produces a rounder and fuller plant. Once your plant has filled its pot with roots, it's time to move it to its permanent home.

Harvesting the Avodaco Plant

When you're learning how to grow avocado plants, don't expect fruit. Avocado trees take up to ten years to mature enough to bear fruit and indoor grown plants rarely last for that length of time. However, if you provide it with a moist soil, plenty of sunlight, and fertile soil, your avocado plant will be an interesting addition to your home container garden for three to five years.

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"I've got an avocado plant its about three to four foot tall now and I've changed pots as soon as its out grown it, although it has gone outwards as well as up, I take any brown leaves off and keep well watered every day. its out grown the kitchen side and not sure if it could be planted outside or bring on more in a large pot in the porch can anyone help me with the answer. "

s henman

"i would like to know if there are different species of avocado? i have grown three avocados from seed and all three have different leaves and spreading in different ways although they have all been grown together and treated the same."


"I have been growing an avocado, however it grows four leaves then they wilt and fall off then another four grow, and the cycle starts again, what am I doing wrong"


"My avocado plants about a foot high have begun to ail: falling leaves, and others which are shrivelling and turning brown at the edges. What am I doing wrong? HELP ! "


"What on Earth is the point of growing an Avocado tree that will never bear fruit?"

Avocado Muncher

"hello, and yes i found your article on growing avocado's useful, but i still can't find WHEN to try and grow the avocado stone, or can it be grown any time, thanking you "

j, MacNaughton

"While some people seem to have difficulty in getting avocado stones to start growing, I have have had success with this method: before suspending the stone over water, take a thin slice off the flat base of the stone. This makes it easier for the roots to start growing. Nearly every stone I have tried this method with grows - and I currently have 8 avocado plants of varying sizes up to 3 feet tall!"


"Please explain pinching back. My avo seed has grown a root of about 10cm and small roots coming out from the sides."