Landscaping a Garden

How to Create a Landscaped Garden

All dwellings need some form of link with nature. It does not matter if it is just some containers with plants by the front porch or a deck surrounded by greens of all variants. For city dwellers the "green" link might even be some houseplants and window boxes or even a roof top garden. However, if you are fortunate enough to have the space for a proper garden - a conservatory, an outdoor terrace or even a glass-enclosed sun porch- you are then fortunate to be able to enjoy the healing and relaxing power of plants right at your doorstep.

Green is the most tranquil colour. A garden that your eyes could feats on a daily basis can promote your senses of well-being. A rather hectic and stressful day could somehow be alleviated by spending some time to de-stress in your own private garden.

Landscaping your Garden

There is the architect and then there is the landscape architect. A landscape architect's expertise is all about the proper scientific and aesthetic means of site development. In Architectural lingo, landscaping would mean re-arranging or modifying or designing the physical locations and developments of a site's flora and fauna, landforms, contour and elevation, drainage, placement of structures, fences and other objects that are manmade, and even abstract elements such as the weather and lighting conditions and effects.

In layman's terms, landscaping is directly connected to physically arranging and rearranging the backyard to make a garden. The beauty of landscaping your garden is that you can do whatever it is you want and the garden would just be "fine". However, there are a few basics that you should know about gardening before you proceed.

Different Types of Gardens

There are three main types of gardens. They are gardens based on the greeneries planted, gardens based on a particular style and gardens based on usage. Under the types listed under a particular plant or plant group are: cactus garden, herb garden, vegetable garden, flower garden, rose garden, orangery, orchard, vineyard, wildflower garden, a winter garden and more.

Under gardens of particular styles are: rock garden, Chinese garden, Japanese garden, English garden, French formal garden, Italian garden, Knot garden, terrarium, Bonsai, tropical garden, Zen garden and even Xeriscaping (water-wise landscaping), and more. Under usage, they are: a botanical garden, butterfly garden, cottage garden, hanging garden, a roof garden, a rain garden, urban garden, a greenhouse, a sacred garden, patio or deck garden, outdoor, indoor and more.

The type of garden that you would like to put up would have to depend on some factors. If you are contemplating on doing the "design" phase of your garden, you should have at least some basic knowledge of the principles of garden landscaping. What are these basics?

Basics in Garden Landscaping

You should also know the general types of flowers that you can use for greening your garden. These are:

Landscaping a garden could be a lot easier if you could hire a contractor to do the job for you. However, if you cannot afford professional help then here are some helpful tips when planning on landscaping your garden.

Before proceeding with your garden landscaping make sure you have the time and patience to finish your project.

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