Garden Landscaping

Landscaping Your Garden

The following articles contain helpful information on all aspects of usings trees, plants, shrubs to landscape your garden the way you want it.

How To Use Annuals In Landscaping Your Garden
An annual, from the point of view of the amateur gardener, is any plant which must be replaced each year and which flowers only once in its life.

How To Use Biennials & Perennials In Landscaping Your Garden
Biennials: Biennials are generally very beautiful plants, with most attractive flowers.

Evergreens To Use For Landscaping
Evergreen trees and shrubs are more expensive in general than deciduous trees (trees that drop their leaves in winter). But they are worth their cost because of their year-round beauty.

How To Use Flower Beds In Landscaping Your Garden
The loveliness of flowering plants needs little embellishment by description.

Types Of Shrub To Use In Your Garden
Among the bewildering lists of shrubs, certain names stand out as new and unusual, or, on the other hand, tried and familiar.

Types Of Vines For Landscaping Your Home
For covering walls of houses, boulders, stone walls, etc., the ivies are, of course, used more than other vines.

How To Use Hedges In Landscaping
A hedge that is well kept and attractive can do much for your grounds. Used in the front of the house and on the sides of your lot, hedges are a barrier against traffic, noise and all things unsightly

How To Propagate Seeds Outdoors
Annuals can be grown readily from seed in most cases. The method of growing depends upon the delicacy or hardiness of the seed, and may require planting in frames or pots

How To Plant Rose Bushes In Landscaping Your Garden
For planting roses a good garden loam with organic matter is important. It must contain peat moss, leaf mold, compost, rotted or commercial manure, and the bed should be prepared far ahead

How to Prune Plum, Apple or Pear Trees
In these articles you will find out how to prune plum Apple and Pear trees. A selection of articles on how to prune fruit trees

Planting And Care Of Shrubs
In general, trees and shrubs are planted and cared for in the same way, the difference between them being chiefly one of height

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