Prune Pear trees

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In this article you will find out how to prune pear trees. Pruning pear trees can be done several ways.

The pruning of pear trees, in the early stages, follows the same pattern as that for apple trees, and we have an excellent article on pruning apple trees Basically, the treatment of established bushes, in a garden, is also the same for pear trees and apple trees. There are, however, a few points to which attention should be drawn.

How to prune pear trees - General

Pears trees , generally, will stand harder pruning than apple trees without being forced into excessive wood growth. Bush trees should be encouraged to form a sturdy framework of branches by moderately hard pruning during the early years. Three or 4 suitably placed branches are pruned to produce 6 or 8 further branches from 2 well-positioned buds, this process can be repeated in the following year. Once the basic framework of the tree has been established, pruning should be lighter until the tree begins to bear.

As pears generally tend to spur up more freely than apples, once the trees have started cropping it will be necessary to thin out the spur systems frequently, to encourage new wood growth.

How to prune pear trees - Older trees

On older pear trees which have been spur-pruned rather too thoroughly, it will be of benefit to reduce drastically the amount of fruiting wood, and cutting back branches to produce new growth is advisable. Renewal pruning, as for apples, is practiced, bearing in mind that more wood may be removed, without producing excessive new growth.

How to prune pear trees - Varieties:

Varietal Habit is a factor to consider, for certain pears have a much more erect habit of growth than apples. This is particularly noticeable in Doyenne du Cornice, Fertility and Conference, when hard pruned. When pruning branch leaders to a bud for extension growth, it is better to prune to a bud above the outward-pointing one required. This outward-pointing bud will then grow out at a wider angle, the unwanted portion being removed later.

Other varieties, such as Catillac and Beurre d'Amanlis, also Conference when lightly pruned, have a spreading tendency, and it may be better to prune to an upward bud, or even to a bud above the upward one required, removing the unwanted portion later, as before.

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