Buying a Porch Swing

How To Enjoy Outdoor Beauty When You Choose A Teak Porch Swing For Your Home

Porch swings are a great way to enjoy your porch environment. They offer an excellent location for a great summer read, a refreshing drink on a hot day, or a slow evening with a loved one. Teak porch swings come in many shapes, sizes, and styles.

There are many variations in porch swings.

One difference among porch swings is size. The standard porch swing size is five feet in length. While they can be special ordered to come as small as two feet or as long as ten feet, you will typically find the four to five foot model in your local supply store.

Another variation among porch swings is back style. Some porch swing backs are straight from top to bottom. This is, perhaps, the most traditional style for a porch swing. Another back style is straight from the bottom to the base of the top. At that point, the top rolls toward the back. Another type of back offers decorative carvings along the top rail. Another variation in back styles is the carved back. In this case, shapes like hearts or ovals replace the traditional rectangular back. One final, yet important, variation in back styles is slat placement. Slats can be either vertical or horizontal, and spacing can vary from swing to swing. Some people find the variations in slats more or less comfortable depending upon the body style of the individual.

Materials used for Porch Swings

One final difference among porch swings is construction material. Most swings are made of vinyl or various types of wood. Both materials offer different benefits. Vinyl or plastic porch swings are a great maintenance free option. They are ecologically friendly in that they are usually composed of recycled materials, and after the life of the swing has ended, they can be recycled again. Moreover, they never rust or rot. They also do not require paint, and they are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Several different types of wood are also used to create porch swings. One of the most popular types of wood for this use is cedar. A cedar porch swing offers a traditional look with very little maintenance. When you first purchase a cedar swing, it might be beneficial to coat it with some type of sealer, as it might extend the life of the swing. Cedar, though, naturally repels wood rot even in wet climates. Moreover, cedar resists bacteria and fungus quite well. Porch swings are a nice addition to any porch area.

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