Garden Wall

Building a Garden Wall

Building a garden wall can add a touch of class and intrigue to your garden. 

The wall can serve the purpose of protecting and guarding your precious plants and vegetables.  Secluding this very special place from outsiders.  If you are just an avid gardener that is looking to build a wall, then you should start simple, by using a simple material. 

Dry stone is great for beginners.  What you want should be your starting point.  If you want to have a more professional wall crafted then you are going to need to hire a professional to do the job. 

Building a garden wall of brick is a task that is the work of a skilled builder, and not for the work of a person that is just starting on their own.  It takes years to obtain the detailed craft of building a wall like that.  Before you get to deep into the project you should first consult with a licensed building instructor.  This is a very smart idea, because you want to be precise in the measurements the first time around.  As a rule of thumb, if you want a wall that is forty eight inches tall, then the sides need to be twenty four inches in width.   This way the garden will be protected properly.  When building a garden wall, you should check out the surrounding land and dig around the area that you are building.   Once you have dug the space out around it, you are ready to start meticulously placing the most sizable stones, in the bottom to create a base.   If you were to start with stones that are smaller in size, then the other stones would not be proportioned correctly.  Also you should choose stones that are flat in nature, so that it is easier to stack other stones on top of them later.   Make sure that you are using crushed stones that are produced naturally.  These particular stones are a great type to use when you are ready to construct the wall itself.  Because they have already been accustomed to the elements like wind and rain, they are tough and will tend to last longer than other types of stone. 

Always try to remember when you are building a garden wall that neatness counts.  You do not want to have holes in the wall, which sunlight and excessive water can leak through.  Seal the wall off with some kind of sealant, and fill all of the tiny and even minute holes up with pebbles.  You should be aware that the wall should have a slight but unnoticeable slant, to further protect the garden.  By ever so slightly pointing it towards the ground, your garden will get all of the necessary nutrients that it requires from the soil below.  It is very important that you check the construction of the wall, to make sure that it is good and level, when you are working on it.  You need it to slope just right, but be able to remain sturdy to.   If the building a garden wall does not measure up correctly then you are in a world of trouble.  You might even have to tare it down and start over from scratch.   Be carful because that is very much a waste of your precious time.  If the wall is constructed right, then you are ready to move on to the fun and creative side of the project.  Choosing how you want to decorate the new wall is fun and exciting.  Completely your choice to make, you can choose to draw your own design to add to the splender of the architecture.  There are more than a thousand different ways to spruce up the building a garden wall project. 

If there is a specific flower that you are the most thrilled by, then you can craft a stencil of it on the newly constructed wall.  If you want to display a photo of your prize winning vegetables then you should do that.  You can show it to the world by placing your creative designs on the outside of the wall, or put the drawings on the inside of the wall if you choose to keep them to yourself.  Even a novice artist will have a great time just figuring out how to fix it up.  When you are done creating a very personal backdrop, you can set back and reap the many benefits that the wall will provide to your garden.  Plants and vegetables tend to grow better if they are planted on level ground.  By building a garden wall, the ground will always be more level itself.  You will love the more modern yet rustic look that it has afforded you with.  A unique and private space is usually just what the doctor ordered.  You will have a place to set and ponder what ever your heart desires.  Quite and totally serine you will find your self engrossed in spending your free time here.   Not only will it bring a sense of serenity to your life, but it will help to provide protection to your most prized possessions to.  Offering your plants the freedom to grow free from the harmful effects of erosion.  The protection factor will be the biggest difference that you will see.  Right away you will start to notice that your garden will be thriving under the new environment.  You will not have to weed eat your garden as often because it will keep the bad bacteria's out of there.  In a controlled environment, there are fewer needs for the use of harmful pesticides and things of that nature.  In building a garden wall, you now have a way to grow more organic foods and keep them in their natural surroundings.   You are sure to be so pleased with the results, that you will be kicking yourself for not doing this sooner than you did. Though the cost of a project like this one can be a little more than you may be able to afford.  The benefits in the future will be well worth the monetary value of what you spent in building a garden wall.

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