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The health section takes a look at all matters related to human (and even animal) health. Topics such as common health problems, medical stories that are in the news today and the cost of healthcare are all covered. The purpose of these section is to try and separate out the scientific jargon form the facts and make the breakthroughs and work done in science today, which may effect us all either now or in the future, accessible for all.

Our readers seem particularly interested in Dentist prices, something that used to be completely free with NHS dentists, but now seems to cost the earth. We also look at other pricing of health products including common medicines, eye tests and even sanitary products.

The Health Categories below will take you to more areas of detail, or click on the example pages for some of our more popular topics

Health Categories Details of Health Cateory Example Health Pricing Page Example Health Article Page
Alternative Therapies Round up of alternative therapies available  Bowen Therapy
DentistDentist Prices and Discussions. Both Private and NHS Dentists Dentist Prices Find a Dentist
FitnessExamples and ideas on how to get fit. Prices of Gym membership and other fitness lessons Fitness Lesson Prices Dietary Supplements
MedicinesDrug prices on the market. Discussion on various medical treatments and facts about common problems such as Hayfever and other allergies Compare drug prices Testicular Cancer
ParentingWide range of parenting issues from feeding your baby to being a sucessful father to a teenager Cost of Nappies Breastfeeding
WelfareA round up of some of the health and welfare services available in the UK.Optician Prices Adoption Options
Health Forum Our open Whatprice Health Forum  Optician Discussion

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