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Price of Health and Fitness Lessons and Sessions

Everyone makes a New Years resolution to become fitter and healthier, but what is the best way to achieve that fitness? Structured fitness sessions or lessons often provide a good health routine that you can stick to.

The table below gives some ideas for health and fitness sessions to attend along with the cost of these sessions in some areas.

UK Fitness and Health Session Prices: Disclaimer
Location Fitness Session/Lesson Type of Fitness Session/LessonPrice of session/lession Units
CambridgeGym Membership £45per month
CambridgeGym Membership (Student Discount) £18.50per month
CambridgeSwimming Session £3.00per hour
BrightonPersonal Trainer £49.50per hour
SurreyPersonal Trainer £65.00per hour
NewcastlePrivate Swimming Lessons (1 on 1) £12.00per hour
SouthamptonAquafit Classes (public) £4.50per hour
SouthamptonAquafit Classes (students) £2.80per hour
CambridgeCircuit Training £4.00per hour
SouthamptonGroup Children Swimming Lessons £4.50per hour
LondonPrivate Dancing Lessons £45.00per hour
LondonGroup Dancing Lessons £9.50per hour
Please submit your own Fitness prices

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"The newcastle lessons are per half hour, not hour! And that's at Jesmond pool."