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Baby prams - Frequently Asked Questions

by: Martin Smith

Baby prams are one of the major purchases you will make for your baby. There are different types of prams and in each category there are a variety of models. This may leave you with a variety of questions. Some frequent questions along with their respective answers are listed below. They deal with everything from the handlebars to the wheels and what is appropriate for newborns to older children. Your needs, how and where you will use the pram as well as your budget will determine the prams you will have to choose from.
What are the different types of baby prams available?

There are single, double, and triple prams. Jogging prams also have single and multi-seating prams. prams with multiple seats come in Tandem where one seat is directly behind the other. Stadium baby prams have the rear seat slightly higher than the front enabling both children a view of the scenery. Some prams actually allow you to place your children in different positions such as facing one another. Another Tandem pram is the double-decker where the rear seat is significantly higher than the front seat.
What is a height adjustable handle bar?

A height adjustable handlebar on the pram is one that can be adjusted to the height of the parent or caregiver. This helps prevent bending while pushing the pram and as a result there are fewer issues with your lower back.

Is this pram appropriate for a newborn?

When choosing a pram particularly for newborns, you have to be certain that it is appropriate for your baby. The seat must recline enough to allow your baby to lie flat. A pram that converts from a pram, to an infant carrier, to an infant car seat might be an option. It would at least provide you with the knowledge it is good for your newborn.
Are the restraint straps and buckles safe?

When purchasing your pram make sure the straps are secure. The buckles or fasteners should be easily manipulated but not so easy that your baby could open them and risk injury.
Is a second hand pram acceptable for my baby?

For the most part yes, a second-hand pram is acceptable for use. Before you purchase the pram be sure to inspect all belts, straps, and fasteners. There should be no fraying or tears in the belts or straps and they should be securely in place. All fasteners should be free of cracks and still be easily used. Be sure though your baby won't be able open it. Check the seat and make sure that the back is stable and that it won't collapse under his weight. The reclining positions should also hold your baby's weight. Make sure there are no sharp edges or places where little fingers can be pinched.

Does this pram come with a parent organizer?

Many newer model prams come with a detachable tray that has a cup holder, and spaces to hold your keys, your cell phone, and a wallet.
Is this a convertible pram?

You may want to consider a pram that has a detachable seat that becomes an infant carrier and/or a baby car seat. This would reduce the continual removal from the car seat to the pram or to a carrier. This is a travel system and comes with a base that remains in the car.
Will this pram maneuver on any terrain?

Most prams are made for the street or for mall walking. There are some models that have different kinds of wheels for different terrain. If you are going to use it hiking, you will want to look for a specific type of wheel. For general walking whether in the street or a mall, a simple pram like the inexpensive umbrella types prams.
What kind of brakes does the pram have?

The preferred type of brake is the brake that is attached to both rear wheels with a bar. This type of brake is preferred because it can be applied or released with one foot reducing the chance that one brake would not be applied and causes the pram to roll or tip over. Some prams come with a strap that is called a wrist brake which is worn by the parent to prevent the pram from rolling when you are stopped for a long period of time.

Where can I find out about recalls on my pram?

The store where you purchased your pram should have recall information. You can contact the manufacturer or search the Internet for information. You can contact the Consumer Protection Safety Commission or check consumer magazines dedicated to informing consumers on the ratings of many products.
Are replacement or extra parts available for the model of baby pram I have chosen?

When you purchase your pram you might want to ask specifically if the pram you have chosen has extra parts (i.e. wheels) or replacement parts. This could be helpful if you need to replace the seat liner or an extra stay in the car base for your pram. The best source for this information would probably be the manufacturer. Check the owner's manual to see if there is information in there on replacement parts and where you can get them.

What can I do to keep my pram in good condition?

Some of the things you can do to maintain your pram in good condition includes not leaving it outside in bad weather. Keep the wheels in good shape, check all the belts and fasteners periodically to be sure they are not worn or broken. It is important to keep the seat cover clean. Apply the brake and make sure it holding when fully applied.

Conclusions on Buying a Pram

Buying a pram is very important and must be appropriate for you and your baby. Keeping your baby safe is of the utmost importance and to that end be sure that your baby never exceeds the maximum weight it is meant to hold. The manufacturer is a good source for any questions or concerns you might have about choosing a baby pram.


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