Babysitter Prices

UK Babysitter Prices - Typical Baby Sitter Fees

We have collected some baby sitting bills, along with the type babysitter, the number of children that are being looked after, and your location. In due course will be able to publish a detailed analysis of babysitter fees!

The table below shows the baby sitting information that we have gathered already

Typical Babysitter Fees
 Type of Baby sitter Number of children Your Location Hourly babysitting price
 15 yr old relation 2 Oxford £5
 Professional nanny 3 London £40
 Babysitter cordless radio 1 UK £40 (one off cost)
 Babysitter agency 1 London £5.40

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"Just wondering if people up their hourly rate if there are more kids...? I have 4 kids and am always uncertain what price to offer,,,"


"My daughter (15 years old) charges £4.50 and hour. She always says this is a guide and it is up to the customer to decide. She usually get over £5 ph by the time they round up. Bristol area"

Martin Bird