Baby Colic

Dealing with Colic in a Bbaby

by: Tammy Pinarbasi

Colic is basically uncontrollable crying in a healthy baby. It can come as early as two weeks and last as long as three months. Typically they will cry for hours at a time and may do this a few times a week. If your baby is crying like this and appears ill of course seek medical attention. If you think your baby has colic but are worried or not sure don't hesitate to seek a diagnosis. Crying is the only way a baby has to communicate and the crying doesn't always mean colic. If your child is hungry or tired this can definitely produce a crying baby. Check to see if your baby is comfortable. Take into consideration your baby's personality some babies just like to be held. If all else fails there is a chance it is colic. I will say it again if you're concerned seek professional advice. Colic is stressful on you and baby but thankfully it does not last forever. Dealing with a colicky baby can be a true test on your physical stamina and emotional stability. I was lucky enough to endure it twice. At times I felt like I was going to begin crying uncontrollably my self.

For more information on Colic see the Bupa Website

Treatment for Colic

There is no medically proven treatment to cure colic but there are things that can be done to treat the symptoms of colic and to help console your child. No two babies are the same and it may take trying several things before you find what comforts your baby. Sometimes infants with colic will experience gas symptoms which can cause tummy pain. Some physicians will recommend using infant gas drops. They are non prescription and can be purchased over the counter.

A common brand is Mylicon yet many major retailers or drug stores will have a store brand that is more affordable. I used it with both of my colicky babies and did see some benefit. But keep in mind it only helps the gas symptoms your child still may keep right on crying. Before giving your baby any kind of colic medicine you should consult their physician first for proper dosing instructions.

Causes of Colic

While there is no proven cause for colic some suggest that for bottle-fed babies the formula can be the cause. Your physician may suggest changing formulas. Some infants exhibit a sensitivity to the proteins in cows' milk similar to a food allergy. Sometimes the physician will replace the baby's formula with a soy formula or a hypo allergenic formula. Although there is nothing proved that soy formula helps with colic I did use it with my first colicky baby and I did not see much improvement but that is not to say it won't help colic in your baby. I used the hypo allergenic formula for my second colicky baby and it worked wonders. Within days I noticed a dramatic change in the crying, he had less gas and fewer bowel movements. He has done so well with this particular formula we still use it. The down side to the hypo allergenic formula is they are quite costly. For me it was well worth the price. Keep in mind you should never change your baby's formula unless under the direction of the doctor.

Comforting your baby during Colic

Aside from the medical interventions here are some things you can do as a parent to try and comfort your little one during a bout of colic.

These are just a few suggestions it may take several tries to find something that helps colic in your baby so be patient and don't give up.

Colic is Stressful

Besides the stress colic puts on a baby it can be just as bad for the parents. Frustration can set in but remember your baby can sense these feelings and in return could make the crying worse. Don't take the crying personally. The crying is the result of colic and noy something of your doing. During this time you need to take breaks. Mom and dad can switch off taking care of the baby. Utilize friends and family. Believe me it helps. They were a life saver for me. You need to take time away and enjoy a bit of quiet time. Remember this will not last forever and before long you will have a bright-eyed colick free smiling baby on your hands.


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"My newly born grandson is suffering from colic and we rock, cuddle take car rides and do everything it takes even sleep with him on our chests 24/7 ever since his birth, which by the way was a difficult one. so PS this boy is loved beyond measure and you theory holds no water. "

Super Gran

"Thank you!!!! "

thank you

"Has anyone tried the Biogaia Probiotic drops. This is a novel appropach to treating colic and in my experience has been very successful."

Sally Baker

"Anyone who thinks not loving or cuddling a baby enough is the cause of colic has obviously never had one who suffered from it. My first son had colic and we rocked, held, cuddled, walked up and down the road, whatever it took for 24 hours a day if necessary. We could not possibly have loved him any more! He did, however, have a very difficult delivery and seemed to have a difficult time relaxing. Our second son had an easy delivery, no colic and was the most relaxed baby in the world. We loved and cuddled him no more and no less than the first one. Unfortunately, colic just seems to be something that some babies suffer from and we just have to deal with if it comes."


"I have been around several colicy babies and lack of love was farthest from the real cause. So, PS, your thought process is incorrect. "


"I have had two babies with colic and both my husband and I held, rocked, cuddled, soothed, sat with, sang to, played with and generally loved and comforted our babies. Colic is real - I suffer from IBS so I know the distress trapped wind and general stomach ache can cause."

DB - mother of two well loved boys.

"Colic is just the name for the reaction of lack of love from the parents!! Every time I see a "colic" baby it's the same: the parents are typically cold and don't hold and comfort the child enough! EVERY TIME!"