My Pregnancy Diary

My Pregnancy So Far:Part One

Hello, here I am, six months pregnant and have been meaning to keep a bit of a diary on things since ooohh I don't know - six months ago!

Well, we all know how we can let things slip on by don't we - and even more so when you are pregnant!

A Brief History Of My Pregnancy

My name is Mel and I am now (as mentioned above) six months pregnant - well 27 weeks actually if we are to be more precise! I am married and this is my second pregnancy, our first born daughter is now 20 months old. Our due date is 9th October 2006 (my husband's birthday!).

So, this pregnancy wasn't exactly planned to start with - not that we are not excited, we of course are - but were planning on adding to our family about six months later than this, but hey, what's six months in the whole scheme of life!

We were recently married in April and as it turned out I was 3 months pregnant! Hence our reason for not quite trying for a second baby until a bit later - I really wanted to have loads of bubbly to drink at my wedding! (Turns out I had one glass of Bucks Fizz and even that tasted like vinegar! Oh well - everyone else seemed to have a glass or three for me!) And thankfully I just fit into my wedding dress, I swear if it had been one week later alterations would have had to have been made!

The Pregnancy to Date:

So far things have been completely different to my first pregnancy. I must admit that I am not enjoying it as much as I feel like a physical wreck, but I think that comes down to a number of factors.

Obviously, in the first few months there was the stress of planning our wedding, and I had also returned to work full time on a temporary basis. So I was dead tired all the time and didn't seem to have any time to relax.

Thankfully now I am not working full time, just one day a week, but the joys of having a toddler make this pregnancy a lot more physically challenging. During my first pregnancy as I was working full time at a desk job I didn't need to do a lot of bending over and of course nobody would allow me to pick up anything too heavy. Now of course it is the complete opposite! I am on my feet practically all day doing toddler activities in the morning and housework for the rest of the day. And I of course am forever having to bend down and pick up things as my cyclone of a daughter sweeps through the house, and lift her when she gets upset or needs putting in the car seat or cot!

I know I am not the first person to go through this, and thankfully most of my friends have two children so I get no pity from them and am told it will feel even worse when the baby arrives! I visited my grandmother in hospital the other day and said to her I didn't know how on earth she managed to go through eight pregnancies - she just chuckled and said "Oh I had eight did I!?" - So there you have it, I guess you eventually forget about these times!

So now I vow to move on and enjoy everything whilst I can! The good news is that baby is healthy and growing well. Everything seemed to look good at our 28 week scan except for one thing that they pointed out to us which is apparently known as a "soft marker" and is nothing to worry about so we are told. I purposely haven't researched the condition that they pointed out to us so that I don't cause myself any extra unnecessary stress, but it is always there in the back of our minds and raises it's ugly little head of doubt now and then: Sometimes I think it would be better if they didn't point these kinds of things out as the stress it causes you is probably worse for the baby than anything - but there you go apparently legally they have to. One does have to question sometimes the benefit of some modern technologies:

I had a dream the other night that I was able to hold my baby even though it wasn't ready to be born yet. The baby was absolutely fine, it was a boy (we don't know the sex) and had a real head of dark hair. It was such a lovely dream and seemed so real, I somehow feel very comforted now that everything will be ok.

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