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This is a new section designed to look at how much high street shops, and indeed internet vendors, charge for certain services. So far Three categories have been created (Delivery Charges, and Travel Insurance, and Broadband charges), all in areas where it is possible to get ripped off.

Delivery Charges
We compare a large number of high street and internet stores delivery charges for goods delivered to your home, the data that Whatprice has collected shows that the 'delivery charges' market has a lot of good competition in it, and the difference between various charges appears to be low. As a general rule the internet only companies appear to have smaller delivery charges.

Travel Insurance
We compare the cost of travel insurance from various high street stores and internet operations. Unfortunately the travel insurance industry appears to charge wildy varying prices depending on where you buy the travel insurance policy from. Note that the Travel Policies Whatprice have obtained are not necassarily completely comparable, however they are as close as possible. And of course they do not include an indication of how helpful a travel insurance company may be if you have to make a claim.

ISP-Cable Charges
We look at the monthly cost of getting broadband cable in your home. All charges are for a 512k connection (i.e. a fast cable connection). We are pleased to show that there isn't a great variation in monthly ISP charges so the chances of getting ripped off in this manner are fairly slim. However the level of service that these companies supply can vary greatly, and needs to be considered.

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