Carbon Savings

Simple Carbon Saving Ideas

Some steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint, and save yourself a whole heap of money. All the ideas are very simple, which ones will you start doing? All carbon data is an estimate only and varies depending on the exact details of your goods, same goes for the cost saving, but it does give you a good rough idea

 Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Energy Saving Idea Cost Saving Carbon Saving  Per
Turn TV off at night £3.70 20kg Per year
Turn Stero off at night £12.00 66kg Per year
Cancel that flight to Barcelona £100 1109kg 1 a year
Reuse a plastic bag instead of getting a new one £0.00 0.065kg Per bag
Turn your hot water tank down 1C £1.80 10kg Per year
Turn your heating thermostat down 1C £30.00 250kg Per year
Turn DVD off at night £8.00 £44kg Per year
Unplug your mobile phone charger  £1.90 10.5kg Per year
Switch an old fridge to a A** rated one £45.00 200kg Per year
Recycle a glass bottle £0.00 0.5kg Per bottle
Bike or walk 3 miles instead of driving £1.20 2kg  per journey
Dry the washing on the line not the drier £0.27 1.5kg Per wash
Get grocery shopping delivered instead of driving to the supermarket £190 700kg Per year
Car share when taking kids to school £190 700kg Per year
Give up the car Up to 5k** 5000kg Per year

 **includes all annual car running costs

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