Save Energy by Installing a Woodstove

In January 2007 I installed a duel fuel (wood and coal) stove in my semi-detatched suburban home, originally built in 1935. It cost just under a thousand pounds (UK) in total but will pay for itself within five years at today's prices. If, as expected the cost of gas and electricity continue to rise, it will take even less than that.

The installation team knocked the old chimney breast out and inserted a new small diameter metal hose up the chimney to act as a new flue. They added a base plate and installed my shiny black stove at the bottom on a polished slate hearth. The whole installation process took 6 hours.

So, my lounge room now has an attractive centrepiece of a cast iron stove which we regularly fire up. There is something mesmerising about natural flames that makes all visitors remark on how warm, cosy and welcoming our home now seems. When burning well the stove emits about 5 Kw of heat, which is more than enought to keep our well insulated downstairs rooms nice and toasty.

So of course, we turn the central heating right down and about an hour before bedtime, just open the door to the stairs to let the heat rise into the bedrooms. Here is our first big money saver. Just spending less on heating really makes a big change to the quarterly gas bill.

Another benefit has been that our cat now spends more time with us than he used to. Sid just cannot drag his tail away from a comfy spot just in front of the fire. As it is a stove with a glass fronted door we do not need to worry about sparks landing on his fur.

However, the greatest benefit of a woodstove is that we can turn all that junk mail and free newspapers into logs and briquettes. By doing this we only need buy a small load of wood to last the entire year. Our fuel bill has been cut by about 30% as a result, even when you factor in the cost of wood and a paper log maker.

I really am pleased with our woodstove and urge you to seriously think about whether one might be suitable for your home too.

Read more about my wood burning stove a http://woodstoves.newarchaeology.com.


- Chris Brown

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