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Optional extras when buying furniture

Bit of a personal rant coming up but this stuff really irritates me!

Purchased a pair of sofa's from DFS Newmarket Road Cambridge in August 2007. Took an age to decide on how much to spend and what type, colour considering we have young children.

Eventually decided to get some fairly dark brown leather 3 seater's. Look nice, cost about £1150, maybe could have got cheaper but we were pleased with the look it meant that the missus could sit on one watching casualty or Jamie Oliver on TV at night and I could sprawl out reading a book or writing for this website on the spare. Delivered fine - on time, undamaged, delivery people were agreeable. Very happy.

Today (March 2008), I discovered that one of my children has written in Biro on the most obvious part of the sofa, not the back of course, but the front! Frown. But hey at least we took out that 5 year anti-stain warranty. Yes - I forgot that part. Let's go back and see if this is familiar to anyone else.

Back last year we had been shopping for a couple of hours with small (under 5 years old) children. Stupid, yes, but necessary. Eventually we'd found the sofa we wanted and wished to buy it. Unfortunately, this process then takes about another half hour. During which time my kids are running around jumping on sofas and chairs and making a nuisance - they like me are bored.

"So, would you be interested in protecting your purchase by taking out our 5-year anti-stain cover, blah, blah, blah"

My initial thoughts are another policy that is cheaper to add to house insurance than to take out with a purchase, but he had already convinced the missus who was rightly worried that within two minutes of getting these home they would be ruined by the kids.

"Hmmn, I don't think so" as the salesman lingers around.

Now here's the problem, by this point I was so far passed having had enough it was untrue. In hindsight I should have asked for a minute to discuss this with my wife.

We were then told how efficient and painless the whole repair would be with someone coming to your house and fixing it there and then if possible, peace of mind all that crap that you get every time you buy something costing more than £20 or so.

"How likely is it that in 5 years the kids will get something on the sofa?" asks my wife, quite likely.

OK, I give in, I've had enough, just sign on the dotted line and get me out of this Sunday morning nightmare!!!

So, minus £143 extra on top of the £1150 we leave finally and go home to relative calm.

Back to the present:

The question is are we covered by our 5 year anti-stain cover for the ink stain on our sofa's?

Of course the answer is NO.

Reading the exclusions on the back and I quote:-

"This cover does not include:

  1. Stains resulting from dyes (including indelible ink and turmeric e.g. curry), acids, caustic solutions, adhesives, paints or burns.
  2. Damage caused prior to or during delivery.
  3. Covered products used for commercial or rental purposes.
  4. Covered products that have been mishandled, abused or neglected.
  5. General everyday soiling resulting from normal use.
  6. Stains not attended to promptly and not reported as soon as practicable after the stain is discovered. Delay may result in permanent damage.
  7. Covered products situated outside the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Channel Islands.
  8. Unidentifiable stains.
  9. Cleaning not undertaken by Valspar or their authorised agent.
  10. Loss of use of the Covered product or any other consequential loss." End Quote

It's number 1 that gets me. So, nothing that would dye and hence stain and potentially no liquid that is either slightly acidic or alkaline. Pretty much water then in our house. Certainly not orange juice.

Number 4 could cover them against most claims if they so wished as any spill could be said to be due to neglection and I can only guess at what unidentifiable stains are *shiver*.

So this anti-stain cover really only covers me against spilling water on it or maybe very weak tea or coffee, but certainly not the sort of things that kids are likely to do, like pens of any description or maybe paint on their clothes.

Basically it should be renamed as a

"5 year anti-discolouration due to water based spillages that are not acidic or alkaline and have no dye molecules"

So, we are left with pen marks on the sofa that we have to get out somehow ourselves or more likely just put up with. The kids I will forgive - eventually. DFS - I will not. 

Let this be a warning to you. No matter how tired or irritable you are when shopping don't blindly agree to extra warranties without looking through the terms and conditions first. Preferably, see if you can get the warranty elsewhere separate to the purchase as it will likely save you money.

OK rant over. Anyone else had similar experiences and more importantly how do I get Biro out of a leather sofa without ruining the finish...

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"I bought a suite from a very well known furniture shop. I was sold a stain protection policy and was told my furniture would be sprayed with a stain protector so that spillages would float on top of the fabric. Having had water spilt on my fabric cushion it soaked right through and left a large stain. I was told to claim under the protection policy. I took it further with the shop becuase they recommended the stain protector, they took my money and they were responsible for spraying the sofa. I felt my furniture was never sprayed. I have now had my whole suite replaced! Apparently, the material on my sofa is not suitable for spraying because it doesnt work! So, I paid for a protection I never received. It was definitely a case of mis-selling. I wonder how many other people have purchased this and not received it and if they have, its useless! It wasnt until I complained and said I would take it further, did they own up. But own up they eventually did and I am more than pleased with the outcome. "


"Just about to make a claim for blood on sofa - lets see how I get on :)"


"ANTI STAIN COVER DFS,We TOOK OUT DFS Anti Stain cover in may 2009 when we purchased a cream suite ,when we bought it sales rep encouraged us to take it out as with the colour ,costing 160 pounds ,he said any problems give us a call and we will sort it,well after 3 months seems we had stain on it from denim,call them, soon as mentioned denim ,sorry dont cover that but as matter of courtesy a manager will come look,the wipes they give you in the care pack complete waste of time,all he they suggested was soap flakes and in time will come off,so it did eventually come off 10 months later my partner had a friend round who have young children,so thinking it a good idea we put a soft blanket over to protect it,the colour of the blanket was a light brown and was not new so been washed many times problems solved No to shock when we removed cover it had left like blue dye marks shock,so no problem call dfs cover,a very miserable negative call handler says aft are explenation ,that dye transfers we dont cover that ,but as a good will gesture we will send someone out to view it,waste of time he arrives looks at it,says all we can suggest is soap flakes,but we tried that explained,sorry all we can do,So called store manager to ask to cancel policy and redeem 4 years of cover which we feel is useless ,sorry you cant claim that back,SO PLEASE IF ASKED TO PURCHASE THIS COVER AVOID AS DOES NOT COVER ANYTHING EXCEPT WATER,JUST BUY SOME SOAP FLAKES ,SORRY THEY DONT WORK EITHER BUT CHEAPER "

A Spruce

"I have just searched the web for info on being mis-sold the anti stain cover with dfs and have came across this post. I purchased a white leather corner sofa with dfs in jan 2007, i was pregnant at the time (and yes, i know i may have been silly purchasing white at the time when due to have a baby but believe me the salesman really reassured me!) anyway, i knew how bad warranty covers are so was adamant that i did not want this cover, until the very lovely salesman pointed out, and i quote, how 'mad i was for not taking out this cover with a baby on the way, and that it is very likely that my child will run over to my sofa and draw all over it with pen. Not normally one to be sucked in by things like thie, i did start to think, yes i think i would be mad not to have this cover, as kids do tend to love drawing all over with pen. So i of course took the cover which was over 150.00, i never thought anything of it and trusted that no sales person in this world would lie to that extent. 2 year on and my daughter who is 19 month, has as the salesman rightly said, drew all over my white leather sofa. I was very annoyed with my daughter but she is only a baby and not to worry anyway i said, we have the cover specifically for this. my husband called them up and what do you know was told does not cover for biro! Absolute shock horror, i am in disbelief that this man completely lied to my face, praying on me as i was pregnant and saw an opportunity. I am annoyed at myself also for falling into this as i knew at the time how much of a con extra warranty was but for some reason really belived this very charming salesman. They have told me to use vaseline on it, i am so so so angry as what is the point in paying all that money for absolutley nothing. I honestly feel like cancelling my payment plan and not paying them anything. Sorry for the moaning but had to get this off my chest to someone! I am now due for my second child and i have found this very very stressful, i would assure no one to purchase anything with DFS!"