House Security

Housing security

Follow these security tips to protect and secure your home.

Details on security devices and security precautions to take for your home. From security light fitting, lock replacements, improving your garden security to installing full security systems.

House Security system prices: Disclaimer
Category Description Price Info
Gates Automate Gate Opener Kits £250-£400 buy
Windows Fit window locks £8


Windows  Place blinds/net curtains on all windows  buy
Doors Replace large glass areas with a thin wooden panel at top and bottom £100  
Doors  Replace locks with a secure five-lever mortice dead lock £25 buy
Doors Reinforce doors with bolts - top and bottom £6 a pair  
Side Passage Block off these areas by fitting a gate at least 6 feet high and secure with padlock £100  
Side Passage Place spiked anti-climb devices on top of the gate and any adjacent fences £100 buy
Side PassageFloodlight on the side of house (installation costs not included) £10  
Garden Solar powered lighting £29


Garden  Replace missing fence panels £20 each  
Garden Security Light £30-70 buy
Garden Plant thorny bushes inside the fence to obstruct anyone   
Security Systems Install burglar alarm - professionally fitted £1000  
Security Systems Install burglar alarm - DIY alarm system £170  

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