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The Housing Market - Mortgages, Loans, Buying and Selling a House

If you are a home owner, thinking about buying your first home, or moving house then this section is for you. We take a look at all aspects of buying and owning a home, including all the financial implications. Please note that we do not offer financial advice, please consult an Independant Financial Advisor (IFA) for all your home finance  needs.

Take a look around this section for all your home buying needs. From mortgages requirements, the cost of moving house and all the precautions you should take when buying a home; we have it all.

Costs of Moving House: Disclaimer
category1 category2 Average Price Units
Estate agent fees   £1 %
Insurance Building and Contents Insurance £550 policy
Insurance Building Insurance £200 policy
Insurance Contents Insurance £400 policy

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Housing Market Articles: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
Country Houses An increased number of people are moving from the big smoke into country properties. But moving from the hustle and bustle of city life is more than just a change of scenery... 2013-03-06
DIY House Survey A quick check-list of things you should look for when buying a new house... 2011-08-10
Home Information Seller Packs In mid summer 2007 everyone who wants to sell a property will have to prepare a Home Information Packs before they put it on the market. This article explains what the Packs will have to include w... 2011-04-30
Home Improvement Loan Whether it is to buy a new dream kitchen or bathroom or maybe to have a conservatory or garage built any major home improvements will add to the its value. But they don't come cheap. One way of paying... 2011-04-30
Costs of Buying a Home Whether you are buying your first home, or trading up to a larger one, there are many extra costs... ... 2011-04-29
Foreign Currency Mortgages Foreign currency mortgages could save you a lot of money but the risks are high. This article explains.... 2011-04-29
Home Loans There are some new lower rate "lifetime" home loans coming onto the market. How do they fare against the even lower rate "shop around" options? ... 2011-04-29
Buy To Let Article on the buy to let market... 2011-04-29
Property Auction Do you know that every year thousands of UK properties and homes are sold at significantly below their real market value? The majority of these properties and homes are released through property aucti... 2011-04-29
House Selling Five years ago I wrote a blog on ‘buying my house'. Well the time has now come to sell the house and move on, so here is my blog on ‘selling my house'... 2011-04-29
Cost of Buying House Buying a house is not a cheap thing! There are many costs associated with moving house, including things such as stamp duty, mortgage arrangement fees, evaluation fees, house surveys and solicitor fee... 2011-04-24
House Buying Costs A run down of the costs associated with buying a house. The costs are based upon the assumption of a £200 purchase price... 2011-04-22
Types of House Survey Available in the UK Market When buying a house, a house survey is required by the bank or establishment lending you the money. This article outlines the different house surveys available and how much you can expect to pay. ... 2010-03-21
Doing Your Own Home Survey With the cost of houses rising it makes sense to cut back on the costs associated with moving. This essential guide covers the key checklist items to look out for when carrying out a survey. ... 2010-02-14
Home Inspection The purpose of a home inspection is to inform the individual buyer of the current condition of the home... 2010-01-28
Selling Property During the sale of property, one needs to maintain the following information and documents relating to property. This as per the advice of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC):... 2009-10-10
Real Estate Oh wouldn't it be lovely to have more money! A thought that nearly everyone on this earth has daily no doubt! Well here is my financial fantasy! And let's be honest - probably a common fantasy of man... 2008-09-02
Choosing a Mortgage How to choose the best mortgage for you and your wallet... 2008-05-16
House Buying Tips Essential Steps to Buying a House... 2008-04-01
Estate Agent Fees Advice on marketing your own home instead of paying an estate agent to do it.... 2008-04-01
Independent Financial Advisors Go and find an independent financial advisor- you shouldn't have to pay for their service. Most estate agents tend to have an (independent financial advisor) IFA affiliated to them, (you don't have to... 2008-03-28
Home Inspection An example home inspection check-list for you to use... 2008-03-28
House Buying Experience I have finally made a decision today. I am going to buy a house in the Cambridge area. I know that the housing market could well sink like a lead balloon, but I'm willing to take my chances. Besides, ... 2008-03-28
House Buying Guide If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK who find buying a house bewildering then look no further! This article contains helpful information to ease the pain of house buying. Either read th... 2008-03-28
UK House Prices If you are thinking of buying your own home, check out our very own Guide to House buying, written in 'real' english!...... 2008-03-28
House Buying House buying topics, advice and discussions... 2008-03-28
House Buying Questions Answers some of the questions you may have about buying a house... 2008-03-28
House Survey Buying a house and getting your house surveyed... 2008-03-28
Inpendent Financial Advisor Advice on finding an independent financial advisor when thinking about buying a house.... 2008-03-28
Offer To Buy a House Advice on making that offer on your dream house... 2008-03-28
Housing Solicitor Discussion on the topic of getting a solicitor to buy or sell your property... 2008-03-28
Mortgage Application What you have to do when filing a mortgage application... 2008-03-28
Selling a House How to make a plan for selling your home... 2008-03-28
Mortgage Search For help in choosing the best mortgagesimply fill out the form below. The online financial search is constantly updated and looks for the best mortgage deals... 2008-03-28
First-Time Buyers How to go about buying your first home and taking on a mortgage, allowing you to get onto the property ladder.... 2008-03-12
Mortgage Debt Issues Mortgage Debt Elimination, 7 Things You Must Know!... 2007-11-05
Housing Market Should you sell your home now before housing market prices drop or should you stick it out and see what happens? It really depends on your individual situation. ... 2007-11-05
Selling Your Home Money saving tips to try when selling your house... 2007-11-05
Esate Agents Advice on dealing with estate agents when buying a house.... 2007-11-05
Housing Market Gordon Brown is set to shake up the housing market with his promotion of long term, fixed rate mortgages. But will the UK public be willing to give up the lure of short term, low interest rates for th... 2007-08-06
Rental Deposits Rental deposits are held by the landlord until you move out, interest free; a deposit against damage caused not through wear or tear, or against the tenant doing a runner without paying utilities or r... 2007-07-31
House Prices Slowing Down As thousands of Britons put their homes up for sale the price growth in the property market has started to slow down. The huge number of homes that came onto the market saw the house prices in June 20... 2007-07-30
Home Inspection Before Buying? It takes special expertise to determine if the functional parts of a home are in good shape, have a home inspector look over your prospective purchase before you buy.... 2007-07-27
Moving Checklist ful, organized move. Once you have decided what home to buy (see article) You may become worried because you're moving soon? This really doesn't have to be a stressful, chao... 2007-07-27
Selling your house So you've decided to take advantage of the booming real estate market and put your house up for sale. As you know, buying a house is the most important purchase a consumer can make. ... 2007-07-27
Old Home If you prefer a home that is unique and has character, you probably are giving some thought to buying an older home, the following Pros and Cons will help you out.... 2007-06-09
APR ? AER ? EAR ? Most of us have seen the term APR in financial advertising and possibly its lesser-used cousins AER and EAR. But what do they mean? This article explains.... 2007-06-09
Interest Payment Mortgage More and more homebuyers are taking out interest only mortgages. We examine why and discuss why it can be a risky option. ... 2007-06-09
Home buying Advice The following (home buying) article is based on an email a friend of mine, Paul Harper, wrote. It is offering specific advice for people looking to buy a new home and aren't really sure where to begin... 2007-06-09
Property Rent Property management isn't just about collecting rent. It's about ensuring your property is always rented, ensuring you have the best possible tenants, and ensuring you're getting the best possible ren... 2007-06-09
Right Mortgage This article will help you understand the differences between a variety of mortgage options. There are many different mortgage products offered by the various lending institutions in Canada, so you ma... 2007-06-09
Selling Your House? Shrubbery and other greenery that has an unkempt appearance can often be misconstrued as a sign of neglect, and gives a bad impression of your house overall, and may hinder it's selling.... 2007-06-08
Move or Improve Much reflection, care, and factual information must be considered, before making the decision whether to move or improve your home. ... 2007-06-08
Remortgaging "Rate Tart" is the name coined by the mortgage industry for borrowers who switch mortgage lenders chasing lower interest rates. Call them Rate Tarts if must, but they'll be the richer for it!... 2007-06-08
Rent or Buy a Home? To rent or to buy a home? It is a big decision to make. The following article explains the pros and cons of both renting and buying a home.... 2007-06-08
Best Buy Tables Thousands of customers flock to the Best Buy tables. But is all as it seems? Surprise, surprise the industry can cheat! This article explains and advises customers what to do about it.... 2007-06-08
But-to-let Mortgages Buy-to-let mortgages are booming again. What's changed and what, as a new landlord, do you need to look out for?... 2007-06-08
Islamic Finance Muslims are forbidden by the teachings of the Koran to pay interest. This means that conventional mortgages and loans cannot be used. This article explains the alternatives available for Muslims and d... 2007-06-08
Mortgage After years of lenders having a free hand to increase exit charges, the FSA steps in to restore fairness for consumers. This article explains.... 2007-06-08
Mortgage Charges Mortgage lenders use headline interest rates to attract borrowers. But behind the scenes they're introducing a whole raft of add on charges. This article explains.... 2007-06-08
New Landlord Licence New regulations concerning larger properties in multiple occupation may make a buy to let mortgage a viable proposition. The end result of this should improve the standard of such properties. ... 2007-06-08
Mega Mortgages All of a sudden, mortgage lenders love mortgages over £500,000. Great if you can afford them. ... 2007-06-08
House Sales The housing market seems to be buoyant with house sales exceeding expectations in some parts of the country. If mortgage rates start to rise, the market may see a correction. Take care not to take... 2007-06-08
Home Buying The exact process you will follow when going through the home buying process will not necessarily be the same. After all, the real estate laws and the customs of certain areas can vary. Nonetheless,... 2007-06-08
Home Sale Tips If you are looking to sell your home, there are several dos and don't you should adhere to in order to get the most money out of the transaction and to make the entire process go smoothly. ... 2007-06-08
Home Information Packs Ready, steady, go! With just three months to sell your home using the forthcoming and compulsory information pack, you need to get your act together. Here we face the facts. ... 2007-06-08
Tenancy Agreements Do you own a buy-to-let property? There are some proposed new rules regarding tenancy agreements. Find out more. ... 2007-06-08
Shared Mortgages As UK house prices have escalated out of the reach of the first time buyer many people have had to resort to moving into rented accommodation to get a roof over their heads. An Englishman's home is hi... 2007-06-08
Home Equity Loan Many people are talking about a home equity loan, at work, weekends and even at the dinner table. Why is it the flavor of the month and what should you know about a home equity loan to ensure you stay... 2007-06-08
Homeowner Loans These days it's difficult to get by without some form of financial assistance - most of us have loans, mortgages, credit cards, store cards or other types of debt. Taking out a personal loan is one of... 2007-06-08
Improvements add Value Home is where the heart is. It's also where quite a bit of the money is. With that in mind, any changes you make to your home need to add to your happiness while you're living there, but ideally they ... 2007-06-08
Improvements to Sell Home What home improvements really pay off when the time comes to sell your house?... 2007-06-08
Mortgage Market Mortgage leads are a service you purchase from a reputable company that has done the background work for you. You pay them a fee and they provide you with leads that will get you closer to a closed mo... 2007-06-08

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