Country Houses

Selling in the city, buying in the country

Since the UK property market has suffered at the hands of the recession, Londoners have benefitted while the rest of the country has faced the brunt of it.

In London, property prices have increased by 30% since 2008 according to the Independent. This now means that property owners in London can sell up and afford a bigger property. This has resulted in an increased number of people moving from the big smoke into country properties. But moving from the hustle and bustle of city life is more than just a change of scenery. Here are some tips on handling the big move:

Who?- Finding a good quality, expert estate agent is key to making sure your house and lifestyle move goes as smoothly as possible. Hampton estate agents, for example, offer a range of services that you might find helpful while you're uprooting, such as property finance solutions, insurance advice and professional valuation.

Where? - It's all well and good deciding to move into the countryside but there's a lot of it beyond the boundaries of London. If you are still going to be commuting to London, or you're feeling tentative about moving away, you may wish to consider one of the Home Counties such as Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey or Essex which all boast traditional English countryside but also offer excellent and direct transport links with London.

Lifestyle- Work out exactly why you are moving to the country. It can be a big shock to the system so make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. Immerse yourself in country life without hesitation, become friendly with the local pub landlord, ask lots of questions, make some new friends and get involved in the community, you'll soon discover what you do and don't love about the countryside.

Food & Drink- It can be hard for city dweller getting use to the idea of not having a Starbucks on the corner of every street, but there are some wonderful places to buy tea and coffee in countryside villages. Often the hub of a rural community there is nothing quite like a countryside pub, where are sure to have access to some great food and drink and a communal atmosphere. If you are a bit of a foodie look into the interesting restaurants in the area that you'll be able to visit, but also consider other exciting food options such as farm shops, grocers and farmers markets for some excellent produce that would be hard to find in a city.

Travel- This is often a massive adjustment for city dwellers that have moved into the country. It is important to have a car or to be aware of the public transport facilities in the area. Buses in the country run a lot less often than they do in the city.

There are a range of factors to consider but whether you are moving to a bespoke new build, small cottage, Victorian farmhouse or even if you're considering the move to an equestrian property a move to the country can be very rewarding.

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