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The is a slightly off the wall section is designed to help everyday folk like you and me to understand how to do things, simply by reading about how other people have done it in the past

This isnt trying to be a definative guide to everything or anything, just a list of articles that someone has written to describe how they managed to do something. All sounds a bit vague huh? Well we just want people to share their life experiences in the hope that some wisdom will get past on.

For example, have you bought a house lately? It was probably a traumatic experience? Why not write down all the hoops you had to jump through, all the pitfalls you came across, and some of the successes you had? You could even put together a little blog of what you have done!

But it doesnt have to be such an upheavel as a house move, how about when you put a shelf up, or fixed a leaking tap, how you look after your car, your plan for your garden, how you manage to save money, how you trained for a marathon. Anything! Email us if you are interested in being involved in this project.

Please feel free to browse some of our most recent "How to" articles.

How To...: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
Freeview Aerial Installation Advice and prices for having a digital or freeview suitable aerial installed... 2011-08-10
Tiling As with all DIY jobs the key to tiling is preparation, preparation, preparation. Rushing into a job like tiling a kitchen will cause all sorts of problems, but if you patiently make sure the ground wo... 2011-04-29
Vinyl Flooring A quick guide to installing some Vinyl flooring, no professionals needed.... 2011-04-23
Hair Straightening Products Advice on ways of straightening hair, as well as more detailed information on how to chemically straighten hair at home.... 2008-04-06
Home Cinema How I am slowly building up my home entertainment system into a complete in-house cinema... 2007-09-15
Camcorder buying What went into my decisions about buying a new camcorder.... 2007-09-14
Bathroom Paint Applying just a few coats of paint to a bathroom makes such a difference... 2007-08-25
Savings Investments A brief overview of how I manage my savings and investments... 2007-08-25
Vacuum Cleaner Buying a Vacuum Cleaner - Why I chose my Hoover, despite a bewildering choice... 2007-08-25
Fence Installation A discussion of what's involved in putting up your own wooden fencing.... 2007-07-09
Waterfalls The number one, most asked question that I receive about water features is "How do I build a waterfall?"... 2007-05-20
House Buy I heard somewhere that people generally take longer choosing a pair of shoes than they do choosing a house to buy.. I was determined not to be one of these people .... 2007-04-30
Choosing Vacuum Cleaners Choosing the right vacuum cleaner involves assessing your cleaning needs and matching them to a vacuum cleaner that will solve your problems. ... 2007-04-30
Noisy Neighbours We found the most fantastic flat, but it also came with a problem which was that it was the downstairs flat in a converted house and there was no sound insulation - and I mean none at all, zero, zip, ... 2007-04-30

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