Freeview Aerial Installation

What to know about having a 'digital' or Freeview suitable aerial fitted

Why do I want a Freeview aerial installed?

I have NTL. Many NTL customers will instantly know why I now want a Freeview connection as well. So, the freeview will provide a back-up broadcast source when NTL is unavailable. I am also building a home theatre PC (HTPC) and it has a DVB-T tuner card. The signal from my existing loft mounted narrow band aerial is too poor. I can tell because although I can see the channels the picture is blocky has a low frame rate (like watching a still picture slide show). This is indicative of a poor signal for a digital transmission (on or off), whereas analogue would let you watch but with a grainy or distorted picture.

If you were looking for prices on fitting aerials then Whatprice have a whole page dedicated to example aerial fitting prices or simply use our quotation system to get an online aerial installation quote

In the loft or or the roof?

My existing old aerial is in the loft. The roof tiles and any metal in the roof construction will attenuate (reduce) the signal it receives by at least half. There is also some loss of signal due to the fact the higher you can mount the aerial the better the signal it will receive. So, despite it costing more to have an aerial on the roof (primarily due to the fact I won't install it on the roof, but I would in the loft!) I'm ideally going for the roof for the best signal I can get.

Aerial Type

Is there such a thing as a digital aerial? Well, contentious question with some. An aerial that will give you the best chance of receiving a good digital tv signal is a Group W or wideband aerial (picks up channels 21-68) ideally one with a high gain and possibly with a mast head (i.e. at the aerial) mounted amplifier. Maplins sell an Extra Gain Wideband Aerial for £39.99 (as of June 2006).


As I said my first choice is a roof mounted aerial. I don't possess any ladders and whilst I'm OK with heights I don't fancy falling off my roof for the cause of a htpc build. So, I phoned around for parts and labour costs for 'freeview' aerial installs. Whilst I'm not a cheap scate my initial reaction to the pricing was "you're joking!". The prices varied from £100-190 for parts and installation plus VAT from a sample poll of 8 companies in my area. The aerial to be installed was anything from a basic 15 element wideband aerial up to a 52 element high gain wideband aerial. Although looking at aerial pricing it shouldn't make much more than £20 difference whether you get a basic or high gain aerial. I asked how long a typical aerial install takes and was told 1 hour. This means that an aerial installer is charging up to £80 an hour. Not quite up there with a lawyer, but close!

Why so expensive?

  • Demand. Every company I spoke to said it was really busy and couldn't fit me in for at least 10 days. When demand is high you don't need to compromise on price.
  • Danger. Working on a roof is dangerous. One slip and you are probably dead. The insurance costs will be high and its a job many people don't want to do.
  • Ignorance. What's the price difference between your basic aerial that may be good eneough reception for digital tv and a ultra mega wide band aerial that will suck signal from Mars? Well about £20. Some companies advertised ranges of prices depending on signal strength with variations of more than £70.
  • Big picture. It may be one hours work, but there is travelling time (to and from premises) and the aerial isn't the only part to buy. You need some brackets to attach the aerial to the chimney brest and some decent coaxial cable (one recommended by the Confederation of Aerial Industries Ltd).
  • Conclusion

    Tough one. Whilst I want the best signal I can get I'm a little lothe to pay more than £100 for it when I know the component costs aren't high. I've considered buying the components and putting one in my loft, however if I don't get enough signal then I've wasted my time. Considering that my existing aerial picks up the channel information OK, but just not enough signal has pushed me into paying for someone to come round and put the aerial on the roof. It's expensive, but at least I will get the best reception possible at my location - excluding that acheived by amateur radio fans!


    After phoning around one large regional company had a listed of price of from about £65 for supply and install. Sounds good. Bloke turns up next day. Looks at chimney and other types of aerial on roofs nearby and says it will cost £200!! Err, no I say, goodbye. At which point he blusters a bit and then says well how much do you think it should cost. I mention, too honestly, that most other companies I have spoken to wanted to charge around £130 for a 52 element wide-band aerial and bracket including install. So, he agrees to do it for that price. Talk about trying it on! Under what circumstances would I actually need the £65 aerial install the company advertises and the sales staff discuss? Looking at some of the feedback below mentions the danger of the job. Fair enough, I wouldn't do it, but that danger is the same for a £65 roof install and a £200 roof install. Are you insisting that the difference in price between two aerials could be £135?? Oh bye the way I have Sky now and don't use the aerial anyore ....

    Author: Jonathan Pearson

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    "We are a Notts-based company and we charge between £130 and £150 for an aerial to a single point. Our installations don't take an hour, they take at least an hour and a half. The reason? All our engineers use the correct fall restraint equipment to prevent them falling off whilst on the ladder or roof. It is not possible to do the installation quicker whilst using this system. Any installer taking an hour for an installation is not complying with health and safety law and is putting their lives at risk. I wouldn't put my engineer's lives at risk for the sake of saving a customer £40 and if a customer thinks that that saving is worth putting someone elses life at risk unnecessarily then I'm not sure we want them as customers. Death from falling is the most common injury in our industry and it is every aerial installers duty to mitigate this risk. Any installer charging less than £100 for an installation won't be doing the job properly. In addition we are so confident of our installations that we offer a 5 year warranty at no extra cost and thoroughly expect them to last over 20 years. There are some companies out there trying to make aerial and satellite installation a respected and professional industry despite all the cowboys. Best advice? Always use a CAI+ and RDI installer that gives you the confidence they can do the job right. You may pay more for a proper installation with good customer service but it will be worth it in the long run."

    Leo from Cable Guys

    "What!! Steve you are an idiot, how can you say to people that if somebody quotes less than £130 then walk away?? The areas I cover as an engineer usually get a perfect signal from an antiference rx12 which costs me £3.99, for the amount of cable to one point and the lash kit, pole and bracket chances are the total stock would cost me is £13-£14. I install these aerials at £113, so I make around £100 for an hours work and the customer is happy as they've previously been quoted ridiculous prices from people like yourself £200 for a basic!! Sorry mate but if £100 profit is not good enough for an hours work then I don't know what is. "

    P Parker

    "£49 is a very honest price, all i hear is hourly rates, what hourly rates? surely the guy doesnt do 16 of these half hour jobs in a day making £800,is he? what about running a business? Think before coming out with comments like this, it\'s his living, not his hobby"

    hans the aerial man

    "Hi, if a company advertises a new aerial for less than £130. then walk away. its a way of getting to your front door. once there they will presure most home owners to pay £200 plus. the elderly are very easy targets for these cons. I am an aerial and satellite rigger. I charge a basic of £180 for a new aerial installation. In defence of the charge. £1750 for signal meter (aerial) £350 for signal meter (sat) £11,500 for Van £400 per year for insurance £1200 sent so far on training £3200 per year on advertising Fuel, services, tools, repairs, accounting fees. etc etc etc. on a good month we might be lucky to take home £2000 before tax. so after all that taken into account i think i might increase my prices to £200 for a basic. "

    steve wescott

    "I have a daft question. Can a telly with a freeview reciever built in get a useable signal from a satellite dish?"

    phil q

    "I needed an aerial man to provide a connection to one of the rear bedrooms of our bungalow. I have used the aerial guy previously when he fitted an aerial and cable into our bedroom. Today he useda Proception external splitter. He never had to go near the roof. He simply connected the splitter to the existing cable, drilled through the brick of the spare bedroom, threaded the new cable though and completed the job. £49.00 for about half an hours work. I reckon the splitter and cable must have cost about a tenner. No wonder the man only works three days a week. He's on a barrister's hourly rate. If I'd known how easy it was I'd have done it myself. We live and learn."


    "THanks for that"


    "Do I actually need this new Freeview aerial or would the existing one suffice? If so, where did you get yours from or could I buy yours from you as you no longer need it?? (admin: Do you have a freeview box or TV with it built in? Could you borrow one to try out. The signal your existing aerial provides may be strong enough)"

    "hi mate sorry to hear about your trouble's and it is sad that the majority of aerial engineers try to rip every one of . the reason the prices are so expensive though are not danger money or any of that , i have my own aerial business and try to be as fair as possible my main aerial is 85 (my most popular) , and will cover most area's so i would say yes you have been miss quoted . But any way as i was about to say (sorry for getting side tracked) the main cost in an aerial installation is advertising , they bleed us dry because to survive they know we need 4\5 jobs a day and charge unbelievable prices i have a small business and spent 30,000 .We have to earn it back and then a wage its not easy and a lot of the good guys dont survive unfortunately"


    "I think my problem is similar to sighs but just want to check. I bought a new tv that has freeview for my bedroom. Didn't buy it for the freeview, it was because I wanted to do away with a portable that's years old. I don;t have an outside aerial hooked up to the room, I watch tv through a sky digital digibox, just the freeview channels. My question is, can I get rid of the digibox & connect the arial to the tv?"


    "I have just gone through the same procedure. However I am ok climbing a ladder and installing the WB high gain Aerial I bought for £29 including fixings ( the very same aerial and fitting kit an installation company wanted to sell me for £150 plus fitting + vat ). Yes, we all have to earn a living, but when the MAJORITY of these company's tempt you with their sales pitch leaflets and small ads quoting £80, and then increase it by a further £100 after a visit to the property. It makes me wonder how many elderly people are getting ripped of by these idiots. A local aerial installer should at least have a good idea of the cost, but to up the quote by over 100% points to either someone who don't have a clue or a con-artist. A great many of us have QUAD LNBs on our sat dish. £30 for a Freesat box and 10 minutes with some CT100 cable and you have an extra two connections if you're on Sky+. If like me, you already have used all four outputs on your LNB, but still have one child's TV to feed, then I would consider an Octo LNB and a Bush Freesat box for a combined price of £40. Even if you paid someone to fit the LNB and feed the satbox you're still saving a fortune over a freeview installation. For what it's worth, buy you own aerial and fixing kit from one of the many online retailers, maplins or even screwfix and pay a builder to erect it. It's not rocket science pointing an aerial in the right direction. We have all been doing it for years as it is. Some of the sales pitch bull these aerial installers come out with is laughable. "

    That will be £190 please

    "I am a sole trading business man in aerial installation and agree with you 100% and am sick of my competitors mis-representing this industry by misleading people and advertising aerials for £65. I always quote an all inclusive price and can understand peoples anger at the price jumping up rapidly when they turn up to do the job. All i can say is please dont judge us all the same."

    Digital Dave

    "well bt charge you £120 to fit a phone socket that costs them about £2 its not what the equipment costs its called running a business tax ,ni, fuel, insurance tools phones advertising vehicle and service ,premises i reckon about £40k a year before you do 1 job "


    "Being an aerial installer i always come across people moaning about paying £100 plus for an aerial. If an aerial is properly fitted it should last at least 20 years. Our most common aerial is £117 going upto £157 for higher gain aerials. The higer gain the aerial the bigger and heavier and less wind resistant they tend to be so they may only cost £10-£15 more for the aerial but with that goes a bigger more expensive bracket and thicker gage mast. Use cai members only and you cant go far wrong. Digital tick or rdi can be hit and miss with many dodgy installers now in there scheme. "


    "The price of a Digital Aerial Installation varies in relation to various factors. Firstly, Quality...! Not only the parts but also the installation itself. Secondly, Insurances such as Public Liability need to be accounted for. Thirdly, Health & Safety. The above are only some factors which affect cost. Pay peanuts to have a cowboy run up your roof, cutting corners and quality and expect problems. Good luck getting any response after their number is no longer in use. Employ a reputable, local installer who takes time and care to do the job right in all aspects and the cost will be considerably higher but then again he will also be at your home for longer as well and the job will be done right. Pays your money take your choice...
    (admin: Fine, so how much then?) "


    "Upon reading the different views about aerial installations i am a installer of aerials and i would using charge an average of £85 pounds for standard install but i do agree there are some companies out there which do charge more but is mainly because most work is sub contracted out to other companies to cover different areas of the country and each one takes there cut so to say ,out of the cost you pay . "

    airsat services

    "I had a 12 year old aerial up in my loft and an old splitter amplifier. The picture quality on analogue was awful and I could not get some bbc programs on freeview.The other channels were always breaking up. Today a local aerial company fitted a new aerial on my roof and also fitted a new amplifier. The guy took one and a quarter hours to fit it all up and show me the old signals from the old equipment and the new strength signal from the new equipment and he retuned all the programs into my tv. There is a 12 month guarantee on all the work. I now have perfect reception on all analogue and freeview channels. This work cost me £230. "

    Pearl Rigg

    "I am trying to install a new digital tv. It works beautifully when attached to the external aerial. However, when I attach the aerial lead to an extension lead so that I can put the tv where I want it, I get a \"


    "If TV aerial installers smeared all exposed copper/brass connections with silicon grease on installation - this would probably increase aerial working longevity by a factor of 10. I used epoxy resion on an aerial I installed - and it lasted/worked for 18 years without ANY problems"


    "thanks for the info been a great help"


    "Get Freesat. Cheaper, better, and if you don't like it, you already have a Sky dish on your house."


    "to notts man.. umm yeah.. put a complaint in. correct me if im wrong, but couldnt you have just ran it through an amplifier and spliiter? 20 - 30 quid max? im in notts too.. cheers"


    "i have done sats and aerials 15 years. last week i watched an elderly couple struggle with a surround sound with built in digi recorder. they have free sat a virgin box. the recorder and another load of channels built into the new lcd. and it took 3 hours to explain what does what. and that was not charged but the guy gave me a drink of 70 quid. my digital aerial starts at 88. for a 10 and 130 + for high gain. No call backs at all. job done. council houses are standard price but i have done houses around shropshire worth millions and it takes 20 minutes to take of your shoe covers, of an on as you make your way too an from your van. point being, anyone who quotes a written in stone guaranteed price. before seeing the house is a beginner. as i found when i started quoting by phone but the rouges will rob the weak. and most of them work for the big boys. stay local or get someone who is accountable not just a sky monkey who wants to earn an extra few bob on a week end. "

    phill ws10....

    "I've just paid £324 - £175 for a new digital aerial installed in place of my old analogue. And an additional £149 for a 2nd one - going to 2 other points. Not sure why I couldn't just have one aerial for all 3 points. The guy said the house was big and the points are far away... it's a small 3bed semi. I feel slightly foolish."


    "Hi Natalie
    The main advice from installers is to go local. Don't be pulled in by the big adverts in yellow pages rather go for the smaller company. However, it could be that in your area and with your requirements (aerial, cabling, brackets, etc) it could just cost £220 especially as pointed out, your in London. Expect to pay 30% more for some jobs around the house in London compared to averages elsewhere (very rough figure!). That would put a £150 install up to £195 just with that."


    "Hi im very confused about what to do. I have a new digital TV and live in an area with bad reception/signal. I have had 2 quotes from 2 different companies around £220 mark and judging by the comments this is too much!! what should i do? I live in london..can anyone suggest a good cheap way/company to do this? Thanks"


    "Sigh, Get freesat, routes through sat dish."


    "In this instance, where this particular company messed up is in not trying to be honest in the first place. This is common practice in our industry unfortunately! However. Companies that work in London for example will have far higher overheads than in rural England generally. Time used in travelling, congestion charge, £6.00 per hour parking, higher cost of living (engineers earn more money), higher liability insurances,vehicle insurances, special heights training, CAI courses and potentially more possibility of things going wrong ie cranes all add to costs for being called back because the reception has become poor. Much higher advertising costs charged for london. So for others to dictate prices is, i believe fundamentally wrong! Just be honest in the first place as best as possible is the answer though and then let the market place dictate whether or not you get any work at all. There is always plenty of work available for companies that do things properly and honestly charge more for that service. As above, try a CAI recommended company for peace of mind. "

    "sorry guys about reading your blogs but put ur self in the installers eyes would you risk ur life by climbing up a roof for a £100 cos i wouldn't as i charge between £120-£150 per aerial and when you look at it over a 20 year period its a small lay out up front and for the people that have free sat you still got to pay for realignments and new lmbs over the years "

    colin j

    "hi this is for sigh... if you have a sky dish or any dish and you dont want to get sky you dont need a new aerial . you can use the sky dish with freesat. here is a link "


    "sorry - £2000 spectrum analyzer my arse - you've been had. what annoys me - generally - about comments from installers on this site is that some will swear blind it cannot possibly be done for at least twice the price that another installer, somewhere else in the country, has done it for. you cannot possibly accept that someone else could do the job just as professionally but quicker and with lower overheads than you!"


    "I've recently found out that the rented property I'm moving to does not have a conventional tv aerial but does have a Sky dish. I'm not interested in Sky's packages - I just want to receive a digital signal (for free) to channel into my Freeview box. Will I be able to do this without involving Sky ? I'd be very grateful for any advice !"

    Simon B

    "if you get a larger aerial, then you will also need a bigger mast and bracket, which take a longer time to install. A proper high quality job will take more than an hour to complete anyway. If a guy says it will take just an hour then may I humbly suggest that you choose someone else to carry out the job for you. Working at heights means special expensive insurance, and togehter with trade body membership, training courses etc (to keep up with the technology) vehicle costs, phone and office costs and non productive time all added up make a £200 job seem somewhat of a bargain, as long as you get a good job. The trick is to ensure that you secure the services of a quality installation engineer and not one of the 'aerial monkeys'. If it was that easy then you would have bought your own £2000 Spectrum analyser and fitted it yourself."

    Pro aerial installer

    "Having an aerial makes no sense to me. you can get a sky dish off ebay new for £20 . then all you need is either an old sky box with a freesat from sky card or a freesat box. Screw it to the wall .Done !"

    a r duncalf

    "I Charge between 80 to 150 for aerials fitted, yes it is a dangerous job, however the price is not just to cover parts and labour. If anyone knows anything about business then there are all the running and operating costs. Advertisement, Fuel, Phone, TAX etc. So when you work out the hourly rate is soon drastically reduced to around £30 an hour. Which is a fair price for someone who is self employed. Bearing in mind if you dont work you dont get paid so I could do 4 jobs one day and none the next. Soon balances out to what you would earn working for someone else. Think about all the costs before thinking your being ripped off. Fair enough the national firms charge too much, but why phone them. There are plenty of local installers."

    Chris Burke, CSB Installations

    "all this stuff about how dangerous it is to fit an aerial on a rooftop is highly exaggerated! Yes: if you are an amateur without safety equipment, but not if you know what you are doing, have the right gear, and are not doing it in dumb weather conditions. The danger is played-up to play up the price. beware the rip-off merchants!"

    unhappy tradesman

    "sounds like you got to much time on your hands. bet you couldnt get up on a roof and walk round 30ft in the air that is why aerials cost what they do.
    (Admin: how can people write but not read? the problem is not paying a decent price - and many aerial installers have commented on their decent prices - its paying 2-3 times as much as estimated for no good reason. Yes its a dangerous job and no I would not do it as an amateur. The same is true of many professions. Define "too much time on my hands" - you mean I shouldn't do any work?!"

    get a life

    "Good write up. Plenty of good info with a nice touch of humour. Glad you did not pay the £200, tradesmen, don't you just love their cheek!"

    Les (Ely, Cambs)

    "I am an aerial fitter in Lancashire, I charge £60 for a standard install (Triax 10 element aerial, upto 40m coax feed and standard wall bracket or chimney lashing kit), for an additional feed to a 2nd room I charge an extra £20 (to compensate for masthead splitter) and £10 extra for each additional feed following this, for example if you wanted an aerial installation to feed your living room and then have 3 additional feeds to the bedrooms it would cost £100.
    Hopefully that should give you clearer picture."

    HS Aerials

    "Hi Ian
    Thank you for your all too common story.
    As I've said before this is a dangerous job that I would not want to do but £100-150 seems a reasonable price for it. The main trick is to estimate low on phone (very low) and then make people feel under-pressure for the £300+ install once the fitter is there. It's uncomfortable to do but remember you are under no obligation to accept the new price provided the work hasn't started. Fair enough some locations may have reception issues but an experienced installer should be able to spot those before the work starts and adjust the price accordingly.
    Good price for a good job is all I want. Thank you to all the hard working, honest installers who have commented on this page."


    "Saturday 15/11/08 My wife phoned a local company yesterday for a rough idea of how much they would charge to install a freeview aerial with outlets in two bedrooms, around £75 and about £20 for the second room £95 +vat = £111.62, not bad send someone round, the wife said. Installer called this morning started to write out the invoice, high gain aerial £170, heavy duty fittings £29, 12foot mast £45, extra TV point £59, Total £303 +vat. At that point I informed him of the price estimate my wife received the day before. He said yes thatís right starting at £75 and immediately offered to remove vat. Unfortunately I was beyond convincing so he left. A couple of minutes later his office called and made the same offer. When I said I was going to get a few more estimates she immediately said they would beat any like for like quote."


    "just to note you have the same problem with sky as you do cable, if it goes on the blink you still need an aerial."

    David from preston

    "I live in an area with very low signal and have had Sky for 3 years. I want BT Vision but to have it I have to have a digital aerial. I was quoted £130 fitted the installer turned up and tried to fit a digital aerial to the existing rig, the signal was too ow to receive a digital picture he has to come back the price is now £195. He also told me my TV I bought 2 years ago isnot digital as I thought. It turns out my LCD flat screen Sharp Aquios is not in fact digital what a bummer. The guys attitude annoys me however I cannot get a cheaper quote at the momment."

    Rob Rees

    "Hi i'm looking for an installer in the Hertfordshire area, mainly around stevenage. i phoned up one company and when their guy came round he took a look and said £600 for installation of a freeview aerial. 2 question - 1/ What the hell? is this how much it costs for a freeview aerial to be installed? 2/ if not, Is there any company in the region that isnt run by money grabbing clowns?"

    I K

    "i have a caravan on the suffolk coast and dont know what sort of digital aerial to get as they vary in price and size is there a big difference"


    "I'm an aerial installer on the Norfolk coast- and the longer i'm in this trade the more it surprises me how much the price varies from company to company. As a general rule, the bigger the company, the bigger the price! Beware of national installers offering 'local' service. They often don't have an installer close and so sub-contract the work out, so thats two firms that will want paying at cost to you, obviously! You are far better off will an installer who is a sole propriator and who lives local to you- and ask for an on site quote instead of a phone (under) estimate! Also if you are using the aerial to watch freeview, be sure to tell the installer this and ask for a 'high gain' aerial suitable for digital reception. As for price, never pay more than £150 for an aerial to one point, an average price is £100, and look to pay £30-40 for each aditional room. If you get an estimate less than this- make sure you don't fall foul of the 'estimating scam'- where the installer HAS NO INTENTION OF DOING THE WORK FOR THE PRICE GIVEN and hikes the price once work has started. Hope this has been helpful, Del."

    Alpha Aerials- Del

    "i have just moved into a house which has an aerial in the loft how can i tell if its a digital aerial or not "

    p fisk

    "Thank you Justin. After lots of phaff & prevarication I finally have an answer about what I need & the options on how to go about it..... You're a star!"


    "Well what can i say ...i've read all the comments. i've been an installer of aerials and satellite for over 15 years and i always do the job so the customer has the best picture possible without any need in the future to have someone else come back to fix job done right in the first place (you would not believe the amount of so called installers out there..slept with one more like trying get in on the aerial boom.)
    I went to a job where the woman was Quoted ..wait for it ... £350+vat i did the job for £100+ vat so that gives you an idea about some installers out there. I\'m a professional and my prices start at £65+vat for a basic aerial fully fitted to one tv amp included in the price too and go to £145+vat for the best high gain aerial on the market+ a 5 year guarantee. Prices do go higher but then its usually for an aerial to 2,3,4,5,6,7,or even 8 tv\'s so you would not expect to pay £100 for an aerial to 5 tv\'s would you ?????
    Anyhow my advice is dont try and get the cheapest job get the best then you will have trouble free tv and remember its a one off payment not like sky £35+ per month ...soon adds up eh?. PS read up on digital freeview then ask the engineer some Questions if he doesnt know the answers or tries to hit you with technical speak walk away because professionals know there field and will tell you in a way you can understand."

    Advanced Aerial Services. Mark



    "I have a small aerial in the loft that I used for analoge, I have now bought 2 free veiw boxes and the aerial works perfectly well even with both tv switched on, I do have a cheap amplifier on the aerial. "


    "I know that outdoor aerial installation is a bit expensive but I think the benefits are good. I got what I think is a good deal, High gain aerial with all the cable I needed plus the guy even split the cable 3 ways so it would plug into my set top box, my DVD recorder and my VCR. Total cost was £108 and the guy did have to put the cable around the side of my house. Total job time - 45 minutes"

    J Bainbridge - Newcastle

    "I agree with you, its very hard to get a cheap aerial installation. I have had two done at two different area's and both cost £100 + VAT. "

    boo man

    "Sound advice from William Wallace re-iterating the general sentiment of this website - get someone in who has been recommended and won’t charge over the odds. £99 sounds great by the way!"

    Jon P

    "pricing it must depend on where you stay we are an aerial company in dunddee scotland and we charge £99.oo for a 52 element aerial fully installed with a five year warranty. it is not recomended to go onto any roof as there is a really good chance you can get hurt. aerial install 1. 4 bolts .standpole.cable clips.cable ties.wall shatter shield.silocan sealant.wall bush. coax plug. tools you will need drill.socket set hammer tape.ties.sealant gun.drill.screwdiver.stanley knife. snips.ladders with someone to hold them for safty i do not think most people have all the above . for your information i have been installing tv aerials for 28 years and we have not always had the prices that you pay now and had to risk life and limb. so ask your frends wich have had an digital aerial fitted and are happy with the aerial company and use them "

    willam wallace{engineer}