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There are a multitude of insurance products out there, some we are required to have (such as car insurance if you are a car owner, or buildings insurance if you have a mortgage) and others are there to help protect us if we suffer emergencies. From critical illness insurance, travel insurance, house insurance and personal possessions insurance, we discuss them all.

Please note that we do not offer financial advice, please consult an Independant Financial Advisor (IFA) for all your insurance needs.

Our secret shopper also looks at a number of insurance products and tries to compare their effectiveness and the value for money the insurance premiums offer.


Please feel free to browse some of our most recent articles on insurance and insurance products.

Insurance Articles: Disclaimer
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Travel Insurance Quotes All travel insurance prices are quoted for a healthy 30 year old. The degree of cover will vary between the insurance policies, and it is a good idea to investigate exactly what is on offer rather tha... 2013-03-04
Public Liability If you are involved in an accident, it is often better if you are claiming from a business. They will almost certainly have insurance policies in place specifically to protect them in the event of acc... 2012-10-25
Building Insurance Building Insurance is split into contents insurance and structural insurance. The variaties of building insurance available are endless... 2012-08-18
Protecting you and your family with insurance shouldn't take a second thought Protecting you and your family with insurance shouldn't take a second thought... 2011-11-15
Insurance In this day and age it’s possible to insure almost any aspect of your life.... 2011-10-26
Keyman Insurance Keyman Insurance is the most overlooked of all business insurances especially for small businesses where the need is greatest. This article argues that businessmen should insure the risks. ... 2011-04-30
Life Insurance Overweight If you're fat the life insurance companies will load your premium by up to 400%. But how do they decide who is overweight? This article explains.... 2011-04-30
Interest Only Mortgages Interest only mortgages have been very popular, especially amongst first time buyers. But the FSA has now introduced restrictions. This article explains. ... 2011-04-30
Life Insurance Disclosure Non-disclosure of relevant information is the single largest reason for the rejection of a life or critical illness insurance claim. This true story points up the complications. ... 2011-04-29
Home & Contents Insurance This article explains why premiums for Home & Contents seem to be constantly rising - and what you can do about it. ... 2011-04-29
Car Insurance The difference in car insurance between various companies can be significant. What one company may consider a high risk factor another company may not view as so important. Insurance companies arrive ... 2011-04-29
Cheap Travel Insurance If you're going on holiday this year then there may be a temptation to skimp on cheap travel insurance in a bid to cut corners and save money. With the worsening economic situation, it is understandab... 2009-04-15
Household Insurance When you buy a house you need to buy household insurance also. It is necessary to do some research to find a really good household insurance policy to give your house the best protection and still kee... 2009-04-05
Unclaimed Life Insurance There are billions of pounds worth of unclaimed life insurance hiding in financial institutions. But there are ways to trace this money and claim ownership to it - even if your life insurance poli... 2008-03-30
Fire Damage to Your Home Helpful advice on what to do if your home suffers damage due to a fire and steps to take to avoid it happening again.... 2008-03-15
Insurance and Flood Damage It is now more essential and more important than ever that you know whether or not you are covered by your policy for events such as flooding. ... 2007-07-30
Home Insurance and Gardens While the majority of people do realise the importance of having contents insurance to safeguard their possessions from theft and other disasters, very often the contents of the garden are sometimes f... 2007-07-30
Keyman Protection Insurance Around 50% of borrowers get Payment Protection Insurance for their loan. It would appear that many are being ripped off. This article investigates the pitfalls and the solutions.... 2007-07-27
Building and Contents insurance If you own a house you hopefully have it and your possessions insured through either separate or a combined building and contents insurance policy. How much do you pay per month for it? I was surprise... 2007-07-27
Building & Contents Insurance Quotations were generated using InsureSupermarket. Data is for an Agent Smith, male, 32 years of age, who owns a detached house with 4 bedrooms, he has lived there for more than one year and has a one... 2007-06-24
Household Insurance Household insurance is an important financial decision. It helps protect you in case of theft, fire, or other unforeseen problems. It also protects you if someone is injured on your property of thei... 2007-01-25
Mini Motorbikes Children who break the law on mini motorbikes may be denied car insurance when they go on to gain their driver's licence. ... 2006-11-21
Life Insurance Issues Insurers are not happy with overweight clients. They may refuse insurance in some circumstances. Lose some weight and the position will change for the better. ... 2006-11-21
Motorbike Insurance The cost of insurance is just one factor to consider in connection with your motor cycle. Just what options are available? ... 2006-11-16
Medical Insurance Traditionally, private medical insurance companies would not cover what they deemed to be 'experimental' treatments - but it looks that will be changing, as this article explains. ... 2006-11-16
Payment Protection Insurance Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) provides cover in the occurrence of things like, mishaps, redundancy or long-term sickness for secured loan repayments. The Insurance Company providing the cover wil... 2006-11-04
Overweight Life Insurance Insurance companies need to know if you're overweight. Here's a question you can't avoid! ... 2006-06-30
Critical Illness The selling of Critical Illness Cover has been under review by the FSA. They are addressing some concerns in their report in an effort to protect the customer. ... 2006-06-30
Cheaper Insurance - Stop Smoking You'll save more than the cost of the cigarettes if you stop smoking. The cost of your life and critical illness insurance premiums should be cut by half. ... 2006-06-16
Insurance and Small Business If your business has found Keyman Insurance to be too expensive, take a look at Group Critical Illness Insurance. At around half the price it's a snip.... 2006-05-30
Life Insurance 2006 The 2006 Spring Budget changed the treatment of some life policies written in trust. This article explains the tax position unveiled by the Finance Bill.... 2006-05-05
Non Smoker Life Insurance If you gave up smoking at least a year ago, this article will help you save lots of money on your life insurance. Essential reading.... 2006-04-19
Critical Illness Insurance Critical Illness insurance has been getting a bad press. This article explains the reasons and the truth behind the situation.... 2006-04-19
Women's Life Insurance The life insurance industry seeks approval to ask women for test results that can predict breast and ovarian cancer. This article explains. ... 2006-03-16
Life Insurance Trust Far too few people get their life insurance policy - Written in Trust. This article explains the overwhelming advantages ... 2006-02-17
Smokers Life Insurance When you take into account the extra costs of your life insurances, being a smoker costs more than you think. This article spells out the costs and what the money could achieve if invested ::.. or wha... 2006-02-07
Professional Keyman Insurance Keyman insurance is one of the most overlooked insurances for business - but also one of the most important. This article looks at the risks it can cover for Directors, Shareholders, partners and empl... 2006-02-07
Life Insurance There are still lots of families without life insurance cover. This article investigates the reasons.... 2006-01-15
Illness Insurance Critical illness insurance is beginning to price itself out of the market. But moves are afoot to bring in Menu Pricing. This will enable you to select which illnesses you want to insure against a... 2006-01-15
House Insurance Home insurance will provide you with financial protection against any damage to your home and property...... 2005-10-26


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