Jobs and Tax

Working, Earning and Paying Taxes

Employment and Tax go hand in hand unfortunately. You work hard in your career to earn the money and some will end up going to the tax man. This section takes a look at ways to improved your career prospects from simply improving your CV to topping up your job skills with various training.

Where employed or not you may well have to pay tax bills as well, income tax, national insurance, council tax, and even house stamp duty are covered. Take a look around and see what you can find.

Please note that we do not offer financial advice, please see our disclaimer for more details.Please feel free to browse some of our most recent articles on garden maintenance.

Jobs and Tax Articles: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
Home Office Having a dedicated space to work from at home is incredibly important. It gets you motivated, keeps you organised and when the working day is done, enables you to enjoy and relax in the rest of home.... 2013-03-06
Will Protect your childrenís future by making a will earlier in life... 2012-11-22
Skill Based CV The CV below is an example of a Skill Based CV, use it as a template for your own CV is you wish....... 2011-05-30
Company Bookkeeping Company bookkeeping involves a person maintaining the records of his business and it is essential because it is important to have records of how much we invest every day, how much money we make and ho... 2009-11-29
Council Tax In United Kingdom, the Council Tax is a vital source for collection of funds from its local residents. Hence residential property forms the primary basis for Council Tax. ... 2009-11-29
Council Tax In the United Kingdom, payment of Council Tax is a serious concern for people owning individual properties. It can be quite an annual expense, especially if you fall into the higher Council Tax bands.... 2009-11-29
Deceasedís Finances After the death of a person he/ she would hopefully have already written in a will. In such a case, if the will is already written it is addressed to an executor and in cases where there is no will wr... 2009-11-29
A Will A will can be legally made once you are 16 years old. You need to be mentally fit for making a will. For the will, you need to decide upon how you are going to proceed with the dispersal of your estat... 2009-11-29
Sale of Land Easy Sale of land can be a difficult proposition mainly because most of the high street agents do not deal with the buying and selling of land. ... 2009-11-29
Cambridge Jobs Part time contractor required for Cambridge based consumer website. Job details and how to apply... 2009-11-25
Sef Employed If you are self-employed, you have to fill in a SA or a self assessment tax return each year. The questions that are asked on the form relate to the profits from the business and any other taxable inc... 2009-11-23
Council Tax A council tax bill is a system used by local authorities for taxation. These taxes are on domestic properties though some of these properties are exempt from tax. It is possible that some may not have... 2009-11-22
Tax Return In the United Kingdom, a personal tax return is defined as a legal document filed with the HM Revenue and Customs, which declares that one is liable to be taxed as per local laws. The tax to be filed ... 2009-11-22
Compay Tax Returns This is a complete guide to getting through your small company tax return questions and to help you calculate the taxes your company will pay this accounting period. All items that are pertinent to a ... 2009-11-22
Building a Company Building companies is an arduous tasking that most set off on achieving but only a few succeed, because like every other possible profession, building companies involve numerous intricacies that have ... 2009-10-29
Council Tax Bill Council taxes are a kind of municipal tax which are based on the estimated value of a property and paid to the local authorities in the UK like the city councils. ... 2009-10-10
Council Tax One may be eligible to get Council Tax Benefit while paying for Council Tax but when his income and investments are below a certain rank. This holds true whether the person paying council tax bill is ... 2009-10-10
Council Tax Under many circumstances, one can claim a council tax exemption altogether instead of just claiming a discount. An exemption would mean 100% relief from council taxes.... 2009-10-10
Deceased Finances After a personís death, one needs not only to deal with the personís estate but also his liabilities like loans, mortgages, taxes etc. in case if there was a will then the executor gets assigned by la... 2009-10-10
Bookeeping All businesses need to maintain records of their financial transactions for various purposes. Financial aspects of the business operations are captured and recorded in physical or digital form which i... 2009-10-10
Land Sale The process of buying of land starts with finding the plot as per your requirement. One can contact a real estate agent who would have complete knowledge in lands available for sale in the market. ... 2009-10-10
Tax Return To understand the personal tax return, one must first identify how to distinguish between taxable income and non taxable income. ... 2009-10-10
Self Employed Tax When an individual is not employed with any company and is self employed, he needs to declare his income and capital gains correctly along with calculation of taxes. This process of declaring income, ... 2009-10-10
Company Tax ... 2009-10-10
Council Tax Exemption The domestic council tax is a local taxation which is collected by your local authority. There are a number of circumstances where you will be able to claim an exemption from paying all or some of you... 2009-08-31
Council Tax Bills The UK council tax system is a local taxation which is collected by your local authorities in order to pay for local services. It applies to all domestic properties, including houses, bungalows, flats... 2009-08-31
Professional Finance There are a number of occasions and situations where you may require some professional financial help to assist with dealing with complex financial affairs such as tax returns, large purchases, or per... 2009-04-15
Redundancy In these dire economic times, financially troubled companies are implementing numerous mass redundancies among their employees. Here is an enumeration of some of your rights when being made redundant.... 2009-04-15
Job Interview Some people's lives begin to sound like a Soap Opera because there have been so many extenuating circumstances. Nobody's perfect. But nobody wants to hear about your problems and baggage either. Espec... 2009-04-15
Mortgage Protection If you have a payment protection plan to take care of your mortgage and loans while you are out of work it should be a tremendous relief to your mind and pocket book as your savings, if you have any w... 2009-04-10
Tax Credits The UK government under some circumstances will make an allowance for people with low income called tax credits. How much you can expect in the way of tax credits depends on several factors such as th... 2009-04-10
Child Tax Credits The Child Tax Credit is the helping hand the Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC) lends to people with children, no matter what their employment status is. You are automatically eligible if your pay... 2009-04-05
Capital Gains Tax A capital gain is the term used to refer to the wealth you acquire when you sell an asset off; these are mostly tangible, though some intangibles also qualify for the capital gain. It is levied on the... 2009-04-05
UK Tax Return Perhaps, it's the first time you are puzzling about how to do Filling a UK tax return. Well! I will guide you. Initially, you have to be informed that unlike a lot of dispensable things in life, a... 2009-04-05
Redundanct Rights Recession is a time for downsizing, right sizing, de-layering and all these lead to redundancies. Even in a boom, redundancies can accompany a merger or take-over. ... 2009-04-05
Tax Bookshop Buy tax guides or read Taxcafe articles... 2008-03-28
The Budget Information on this year's budget and what measures the Chancellor has brought into effect. Including increased duty tax on fuel and tobacco, increase car tax on gas guzzling cars and the potential of... 2008-03-12
Duty on Alcohol With the 2008 Budget in public view, the increase in duty on alcohol which Chancellor Darling announced is something that will now be under scrutiny; will it help eliminate the binge-drinking culture ... 2008-03-12
Working From Home As a modern entrepreneur the benefits of working for myself have been no secret to me. For a months now I have enjoyed the ability to start work when I wanted to, to take a lunch break when I was hung... 2007-08-05
Family Money, not Tax In depth look at how to ensure that your wealth stays in the family, rather than going to the taxman... 2007-07-26
Business Credit Most businesses want to be able to borrow money when they need it, without the owners having to guarantee the loans personally. This means less risk to the owners. But wanting to get credit for your b... 2007-07-19
Employment Checks Employers are conducting Employment background checks to reduce chances of fraud within an organisation. New employees will have access to the corporate network, contact details, applications and data... 2007-01-22
Writing a CV Your CV needs to promote your skills, knowledge, qualities and work experience. You need to show how you will bring these to a particular job and try and encourage the employer to want to invite you t... 2007-01-21
Careers Finding a new job can be a difficult task? What are you good at? Where do you start looking? This article will give you adviceon how to start looking for a new job or career and how to make sure you a... 2007-01-19
Job Hunting Finding a new job can be a daunting task - what do I want to do? What am I good at? Where to start looking? The list of career questions is endless. This guide will give you tips on how to start looki... 2007-01-14
Create CV The CV below is an example of a Hybrid CV SUSAN HELEN SMITH...... 2007-01-13
UK Self assessment tax return online The self assessment tax return form can be something to dread when you first open the booklet up. However, have you ever considered filling out your tax return online? I did and here is my account of ... 2007-01-12
Bank Loans If you work on a contract or are self employed you can get a loan, but it may not be as easy as for traditionally employed people. ... 2006-11-21
Payroll Tax The whole issue of payroll tax may seem very confusing; especially to a first-time employer...... 2005-10-26
Temping Jobs Temping: A Backdoor Entrance to New Careers... 2005-10-06
Identity Theft, Detection Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft is an important matter, this article advises you on how to access your Credit Reports for early Detection.... 2005-09-29
Open University Study Are you thinking of studying through The Open University? The following article is a personal account in study with the O.U.... 2005-09-14

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