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Why Build and Develop a Company

Building companies is an arduous tasking that most set off on achieving but only a few succeed, because like every other possible profession, building companies involve numerous intricacies that have to be carefully dealt with, in order to avoid failure. The most important this is the reason for which we start of on building companies. Are we doing it because it's a humanitarian need? Are we doing it because it's a social need? Are we continuing and further promoting an already existing family business? Or is it a product of our own wants? In this article we will go through a list of numerous young people who have discovered the secrets of building companies and are happy to share them.

Building Companies Out Of Humanitarian Need - Saving Lives

Some companies are building out of need. Take the example of the very frequent hurricanes that affect billions of lives worldwide, leaving numerous people dead and quite a hefty number missing. Hurricanes like the overwhelming Katrina, the inexplicable Ike and the vociferous Rick have left humanity helpless when faced with the utmost ferocious form of destruction. Building companies amidst such chaos isn't at all difficult. In fact Cynthia Rubio built a complete company out of her ingenious idea of simple electronic wristbands, which have the ability to track thousands of evacuees during hurricane ike. Building companies around small bright yellow tracking wristbands seems the most unlikely possibility of creating a business. Certainly we consider it as plain silliness and eccentricity but it takes a truly committed and innovative person to integrate RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, which is used at companies like Wal-Mart to track packages, into such a high-risk critical situation. Verily Cynthia Rubio herself admits that she is one of the numerous people who have the opportunity of having highly exhausting experience of building companies from scratch, under her belt. She describes her basic and first office as "a living room full of scanners, antennas and cables".

Building Companies Out Of Social Need - Beauty

If there is someone who knows all about building companies out of scratch, it has to be Lisa Price. In fact she was working part time as a writers assistant on The Cosby Show when she started her initial business, homemade beauty products with love in every drop. She used to sell her Body Butter moisturizer and fragrance oils at the local flea market while at the same time expanding her company at home. Even though initially she was scared of building companies with helping hands because she personally thought that people would steal her recipes, but her mother convinced her otherwise, stating that "a blessing cannot be blocked but only managed". Since then the company that she has built through the assistance of her husband, cousin and friends, offers a huge range of products, from black vanilla hair conditioner to peppermint foot lotion. It has also catered to big names like Mary J bilge, and Hollywood stars Jada Pinkett smith and Will Smith. Surely whoever needs a lesson on building companies should go to Lisa! Building companies such as this, which have backing investors, is easier as one gets a chance to be increasingly creative and less reactive.

Building Companies to Expand Family Business

A key to building successful companies is that one must not have any skeletons in the closet, and be very transparent in order to gain the others trust. Monthly business meetings have a huge role to play in building companies as it allows the inclusion of everybody in all discussions. In fact it's "the regular communication that makes us understand each other" says Kenny Yap, the executive chairman and managing director of Qian Hu Corporation. Kenny is successful in building a company that started from a small family run fish farm into a global exporter of ornamental fish. Building companies cannot be done over night; verily Rome wasn't built in a day. What's important is that we don't put all our eggs in basket, instead we diversify and learn about our company and continue learning. Through this ideology, Kenny has transformed Qian Hu into a million raking business that created a profit of $4.1 million in 2008 alone! A lesson we can learn from him in building companies is that it's a huge mistake to delegate work without monitoring as we need to trust our employees but we also need some system of monitoring. Building companies with our families, like the way Kenny did has one big setback; the emotional element has to be duly managed and that sometimes becomes a hefty task for many people to do.

Building companies doesn't always involve making something new, creating something that people have never heard or seen before. In fact it involves improvising on something of daily use and marketing it correctly. That is exactly the way Lisa Rudes Sandel created her NYDJ, not your daughter's jeans, a multimillion dollar company that designs jeans for women with womanly bodies. She took up an issue that she shared with millions of healthy woman worldwide, jeans that fit uncomfortably, and by introducing a very small and efficient improvisation, came up with her tummy tuck technology. Seven years ago when she first launched, till today, NYDJ has become the largest manufacturer of women's jeans under $100 and ships more than 40,000 pairs per week to 2000 stores and 20 countries from Australia to Canada. This lesson is vital for building companies, unless one masters the technique of mesmerizing consumers with mind bogglingly attractive and lucrative improvisations on items that they already have, he hasn't yet become the tycoon that one needs to be in order to survive in the highly competitive cannibals' world of global marketing. Surely when one starts the long and ultimately fruitful journey of building companies, one must arm himself with the weapons of successful marketing and the skills of being a talented spokesperson, so that the journey can be as swift as possible.

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