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In United Kingdom, the Council Tax is a vital source for collection of funds from its local residents.  Hence residential property forms the primary basis for Council Tax.

Council Tax - Organizational Body:

The organizational body to which Council Tax is to be paid is mentioned below:

Council Tax Bands:

It is quite interesting to note that each of the private residences is allocated to one out of eight band coded letters marked from A to H. Here Band A are the group of property holders who pay the minimum tax amount and so on up to H, who pay the highest. Also the Council Tax charge differs according to different locations and may not be the same. Each band has a special rates depending upon the zone the property is located to.  Hence it is necessary to know the range each valuation band possesses. Identification of the valuation band the property is located for is done through the following steps:

Council Tax Benefit:

As a matter of fact, as you might imagine, many individuals who own individual property in the UK are keen to avail themselves of discounts in order to avoid paying a huge sum for their Council Tax. Hence council tax benefit scheme comes into picture. The council tax benefit scheme is applicable for all householders in UK whose income and assets are at a meager level than the expected level. Also the council tax benefit system may be availed by people who live in a rent house, own house or even a rent-free house. Normally this scheme is not applicable for people falling in the below mentioned category:

The Council Tax benefit system is a great boon for people having low incomes and a secured manner to deal with the council tax. Also the people who are eligible to claim Council Tax benefit are listed below:

Exemption of Properties from Council Tax:

There are numerous reasons for a property to be exempted in lieu of various reasons. They are mentioned below:

Also the liable person is solely responsible for payment of council tax. Also it is to be noted that persons under the age of 18 can never be a liable person.  In general a liable person is one to whom the property belongs to and one who lives in that property. In case of couples living together, cohabiting, married or being in civil partnership both of them tend to be liable.  But even though different situations may arise where the question arises for who should pay the tax.  But the liable person should pay the council tax in following cases. They are:

It is always suggested to the liable person that before making their council tax payment to seek advice from experienced consultants (Eg: Citizens Advice Bureau).

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