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What does it cost to create a home office?

Having a dedicated space to work from at home is incredibly important. It gets you motivated, keeps you organised and when the working day is done, enables you to enjoy and relax in the rest of home.

When it comes to creating that home office or working space, you'll need furnishings and equipment essential to completing projects. You may start to panic about how much you need to buy. In some cases you have to speculate to accumulate, however for other items and accessories the monetary outlay doesn't necessarily have to spiral out of control.

Here is some advice on creating a home office and what you can expect it to cost.

Find a suitable space

Staying in bed all day working from a laptop sounds ideal, but in reality this isn't a very productive solution and the quality of work is likely to suffer. Find a room or space in your house where you will feel comfortable working for long periods of time. You are more than likely to spend more time here than the rest of your house, so making sure it's a pleasant and work-conducive environment is very important.

As mentioned previously, being able to relax after your working day is also important, so have somewhere you can shut the door on after hours. And don't go all out on decorating and furnishing straight away as you may find it's too cold, too noisy or too dingy. Give your new area a trial run before committing to significant investment.

Identify your essential requirements

You may long for a majestic piece of art on the wall or an extravagant sound system to play your favourite music while working, but these aren't essentials and efforts should be concentrated on the items that are required for working. These include:

Miscellaneous items

Once you start working and get used to your environment, you'll realise things like stationary and multi-plugs are also vital additions.

Also consider using the walls for work reminders, noticeboards or even photographs of loved ones. The odd plant here or there can also create a tranquil environment. They are inexpensive, reduce stress and increase productivity.

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