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"Your website is very inaccurate and prices for some services are dated from more than 7 years ago. Your use of information collected from the public seems an excuse for bad "

Brian Pot

"complete fitted bathroom with tiles in manchester £600 good service call 07579531740"


"adverts - disagree. yes companies can say we do a boiler for super cheap £500 (made up) but when they quote £2000 you walk away. I delete pricing ads when its obvious rubbish otherwise let them go grantham - will do but you have to be more specific - we've had lots of prices/comments from Grantham (place and person) if the prices are wrong tell us the right ones this is not really the page to make comments! it is not obvious what your are referring to when you leave comments on here apart from 'you're rubbish" which we get in equal measure to "thanks""


"Useful information I thought (I was looking at boiler + fitting) but you have to take out the adverts which also skew average price calculation. Best wishes Robert (Halifax) PS I apologise for not raeding this page properly and making a comment in the price submission - please delete it (Plumbing Miscellaneous)"


"the comments regarding the work in grantham are incorrect - I know this as it refers to the work at my house -I want these comments to be removed. "

TS Gallagher

"the prices are all wrong"


"my dentist said 3 thousand pound for braces and on here it says 198 is my dentist telling fibbs"

s gormley

"Very useful indeed!"


"absolute rubbish, prices published by extremley deluded people.if you use these prices as a guide you need locking up!"


"280 fixing consumer unit bournemouth area call;07981480601"

general electric

"I would like to print off your price list but this seems to be impossible. Can you explain??"

g martin

"Tesco Kilmarnock. Diesel 96.9/ lit?. It's 116/lit. I have just been there Regards Iain Ferguson "

Iain Ferguson

"This people who telling the prices are nutts they are lier so they can get the jobs for them self is all about them advertising them selfs no way he will do a all house for 1000 pound what a joke"


"Although I agree that you less paint, I disagree that painting a wall is quicker if there are windows - cutting in around the window reveals and frame INCREASES the time taken to paint the wall, and therefore the cost (Admin: Can you quantify that?)"

Mark Collins, Sussex

"The idea is to give people who have no idea of how much a job should cost a 'rough price' so they don't pay way over the odds for it."


"whats the point of telling me what the prices are if there is no contact for that person?????????????"


"It would be more helpful if you said which page you were talking about. "


"I found it very confusing as it doesn\\\'t say if it is in Aus, Eur or pence "

G Larwood

"Just an observation, Peanuts & Monkeies! many factors lead to the oucome of pricing as you know, not least the costs of getting the accreditation. the cost are in some cases prohibitive. The quality of materials used is another, esp boilers, cheap boilers = prolems in most cases, customers should understand cheap is not always best when compaired to quality at reasonable price. My advice in a professional capacity would be to ask WHAT are you intending to install in my house? rather than how cheap can you fit the cheapest of the cheap... like i said...Peanuts & Monkies!! One final point, customers want qualified tradesmen, these days attaining the ever growing cost of this aim is only going to be passed to the customer unfortunatly...lokk at the costs at the traning centres for your selves."

Prestige Plumbing & Central Heating Ltd