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Save Money on Fuel - Check out the Prices at ASDA - Cheapest in the UK

ASDA is providing the cheapest fuels in the market, as of Jan 2011. In today's economic climate it is very hard to keep up with the rising fuel prices. And if you are using your car regularly you will need petrol, which is one of the most expensive consumables at the moment. You have to make sure you are filling your car at ASDA, on Bank holidays; there are special discounts.

Where you find ASDA filling stations

ASDA operates petrol stations next to the largest hypermarkets on the UK. They have over 160 fuel stations all over the country. You should check out their opening times at which lists store and petrol station opening times, too. See below to view a map of all ASDA petrol stations in the UK.

Overview of ASDA's Petrol Stations

ASDA currently has one of the most competitive petrol station chains in the UK. They started out as a group of Yorkshire farmers in 1965, later became a British subsidiary of American Wal Mart in 1999. Ten years later it was sold to Corinth Services Limited. It is the third largest supermarket-chain today. They are constantly fighting a price war with other chains and you will bet that they are aiming to be the cheapest at petrol prices, too.

The types of fuel ASDA Petrol Stations sell and what are the differences

ASDA used to sell Texaco or Esso fuel but now they have their own brand petrol. ASDA fuel is still one of the cheapest in the country. Asda is usually the one that starts cutting prices first. The petrol they are selling actually comes from the very same refinery as the big petrol brands'. They operate automatic pumps, so you can just pay at the pump with your credit or debit card and drive away fast.

Special prices and deals at ASDA Petrol Stations

ASDA is aiming to keep its prices low, and have special deals for example on Bank Holidays they usually come up with a special deal. You can also get points on your ASDA credit card which has a loyalty scheme and is provided by the Santander Group.

Extra services at ASDA Petrol Stations

ASDA usually operates their petrol filling stations next to the shops, as most of the other supermarkets. Petrol prices are kept low and you can drive away in minutes. Just check with your card provider if you will get charged a card fee for buying petrol at ASDA, as it can reduce the amount of saving.

How green are ASDA Petrol Stations

We have not found any information about ASDA making steps towards making their petrol stations green. But just imagine this: you have just been to your closest superstore and have done your shopping, you don't actually have to drive further to fill up your car, you only drive a few yards and can go home. So it saves you times and miles, too.


How you can save money on petrol at ASDA

If you have an ASDA credit card you might be able to save up to 2 p per litre.
The opening times are matching the store opening times so you can fill up your car after you have done your shopping
Great prices and fast, convenient service

Unleaded Fuel



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