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How to Save Money on Petrol at BP

The price of fuel is causing the greatest problems for many people, who are using their car every day to commute to work or as a work tool. It is hard to find out how to reduce the cost of motoring, and you can have the most fuel-efficient car, you might still be hit by the price increase that has already become a regular occurrence. Get high quality fuel at BP and collect nectar points.

Where BP operates petrol stations

BP has over 1300 service stations in the UK, so it is widely available for the public. It has over 22.400 petrol stations in 80 countries. New Zealand and the US. There are many service stations located by motorways and high traffic area, use the map below to find a BP petrol station in your area.

BPs past and current market position

BT is a UK based global fuel company. It is the third largest energy firm in the World. BP started off as the British Petroleum Company in 1954. It has the biggest name on the UK market at the moment; however its reputation has fallen in the past few years especially after the 2009 Gulf oil spillage.

BP Ultimate and Other Petrol Options

BP does offer premium fuel, which is called BP Ultimate but even for normal unleaded and diesel their prices are usually higher than the petrol stations' operated by supermarkets. They are very proud of their quality petrol and I have never heard anyone complain about it, having said that, some consumers do not find the quality of petrol so good at cheaper petrol stations.

Special prices and deals at BP

BP Plus Fuel Card ® is the best saving option and offers three price options. You can sign up for one even as an individual and if you buy fuel at BP regularly it is well worth it, particularly if you are willing to pay the extra for BP Ultimate Fuel. It is also accepted at 700 Total filling stations. Furthermore you can collect Nectar points at BP stations and make a saving that way. You can Collect 1 Nectar point per litre of fuel, and 2 points per £1 in the shop.

Extra services at BP

BP operates BP Connect convenience shops, and with the number of stations located by motorways it is a very easy solution for those on the go. Most of the stations are manned and you can check tyre air pressures, have your car hoovered and get a car wash.

How green are BP petrol stations

The problem is not with BP petrol stations, really, it is the company itself that has received bad reputation in the few years. It is their oil refineries and oil wells that are not very eco-friendly. In 2010 the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. It killed 11 workers and caused an oil spill that soon became the worst environmental disaster in US history. They have been widely criticized and Greenpeace has protested at many BP filling stations to make BT producing fuel safer for the environment.Their BP Ultimate Fuel claims to improve a cars efficiency and thus reduce overall carbon emissions.


What are the benefits of filling up your petrol tank at a BP station

Compare BP petrol prices to other fuel brands

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