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Fill up with petrol at a Q8 Petrol Station

At the present some areas of Britain are paying 25p extra per litre than they were 12 months ago and the situation could get worse if the government is not making steps to keep fuel prices under control. The average 50 litre fuel tank now costs more than £12 more to fill up than a year ago. At Q8, you have the luxury of resting and eating at their restaurant as you fill your car.

Where Q8 sells petrol

They are spread across the UK, but more stations are located in the South than the North West. They are much harder to find than longer established brands and much rarer. They are more common in the Far East, Italy and Denmark. See the map below for UK locations of Q8 garages.

The past, present and future of Q8 stations petrol stations

Q8 is owned by Kuwait Petroleum International and has been trading under the Q8 trademark in the UK since 1983. They are marketing petrol, lubricants and heating oil, too. Being a young company in the market its market share is not great in the UK, however in the rest of Europe and Far East they have plenty of service stations, 4000 of them in Europe. In 2004 they sold 75 Q8-branded petrol stations in Britain to a private company, Malthurst. Do they still have a future in Britain?

Why is it worth it to check out what Q8 has to offer

Q8 is different than other UK retailers, as it is a Kuwait based company selling petrol and lubricants in the UK. They are looking to improve their product range, and develop new methods, however the everyday consumer in Britain cannot really see those changes they are making in the background.

Q8 fuel types and options

They have the normal unleaded petrol and diesel fuel, however cannot compete in petrol price with the huge retailers.

Special deals at Q8 stations

We have not found any special price cuts or discounts in Q8 as they have recently reduced their operations across the UK, so generally speaking there is nothing they are doing to make customers fill up with petrol at their filling stations.

Extra services at Q8 stations service stations

They do have Little Chef restaurants on some sites, especially in those stations by the motorways. They seem to establish partnerships with garages, too, and some of the still operating sites are next to one combining the two services together.

What does Q8 do for becoming greener

Q8 has introduced rainwater recycling and solar photovoltaic power over in Italy already and is currently looking for more ways to reduce the impact of their service stations on the environment. So fairly speaking so far Q8 is doing the most for making their operations more eco-friendly. In Italy and Denmark they have already opened zero carbon service stations. Would be great to see these innovations appear in the UK in the near future, too.


Why fill up your tank at Q8
With only a few UK petrol stations at the moment it is hard to get a loyalty scheme working for you.
You can although only hope that they will once expand their operations in Britain, just like they are expanding in Italy and Denmark.

Compare Q8 petrol prices to other fuel brands

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