Petrol Costs Breakdown

What Costs are there with 1 Litre of Petrol

The cost of petrol is a strong talking point in the UK. But do you know exactly where your money goes when you buy a litre of unleaded? The prices below give the approximate make up of a litre of petrol in the UK as of August 2007.

Cost of Petrol

This breakdown of the cost of petrol is based on the assumption of a £1 per litre of petrol. 

This means that the forecourt cost is 5% of the total petrol price, the oil cost is ~32% and taxation ~63% of the total cost as can be seen more clearly below:

Pie chart if  percentage breakdown of cost of litre of unleaded petrol

From the 1st of October 2007 the amount of tax on a litre of unleaded and diesel shall increase by 2p per litre to 50.35p.

As the cost of oil per barrel increases so the headline percentage rate of taxation per litre decreases. Despite the level of taxation increasing the percentage amount of tax has decreased as oil prices have gone up faster than fuel duty rates.

LPG shall increase from 12.21p per kg to 16.49p per kg hitting an area of the market that has seen rapid growth in numbers of vehicles capable of using the fuel due to its (current) low tax rate. How long shall it last?

Fuel duty is just one way for the government to raise tax to provide the services the UK needs and also to (allegedly) provide an incentive to seek alternative means of transport such as trains, buses or bicycles. Is it working? Probably not. Most people would have to see a very large increase in fuel tax before they would give up the convenience of their cars for other methods of getting around.

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"it would be useful if this page got updated to TODAYS vat and Duty which in the summer will be 85p per litre combined, the fuel prices at the moment are roughly £1.39.8 - £1.41.9 per litre"

mr pilfold

"I wish the media could make it clear that fuel forecourt profit is NOT % related! People comment all the time that we (as owners of a forecourt) Must be 'raking it in' because of all the price hikes.We get a fixed profit and if prices go up it just costs us more - o'draft costs for the extra cost of delivery prices - higher cash - so more bank charges for paying the cash in - higher c.card charges for the same reason - leading to more o'draft charges while we wait for the c.card payments into our a/c. OUCH! We have diversified to the 'nth' degree! "

Arlene MacPhie Isle of Skye

"we need information about diesel !!!!!!!!!!"

david glover