Esso Fuel Prices

Location and Petrol Prices at Esso Fuel Stations

If you are struggling to keep up with the higher and higher fuel prices you might be looking for options to reduce the cost of fuel by checking out different prices and options. The UK has the 10th highest unleaded price across Europe and the 2nd highest diesel price. However, if you sign up for an ESSO fuel card, you will save money on fuel.

Whatprice have a table to show you how Esso petrol prices compare to over fuel brands in the UK

An overview of ESSO petrol stations

ESSO fuel began as the Anglo American Oil Company back in 1888 and was the first UK associate of John D Rockefeller's Standard Oil Trust US firm. It was given the company name of ESSO in 1951. Today it has a wide network of filling stations and offer convenient services on site. They have a huge network of stations all over Europe, too.

Where ESSO operates

ESSO operates smaller fuel stations all over the country. Moto and RoadChef services are also found in petrol stations located by the side of A and M roads. They are also operating in Ireland, however have recently been forced to sell 14 of their outlets in Cork and west Ireland. Outside the UK they operate fuel stations in Western Europe.

ESSO fuel - your options

ESSO offers unleaded and diesel fuel, and also have a special economy fuel. They sometimes operate next to car repair shops or car part shops. Their prices are usually lower than BP's and other big names but higher than supermarkets' petrol stations (as of Jan 2011)

Special deals, prices and rewards at ESSO

You can get an ESSO card and use it at over 900 fuel stations in the UK. You can also use the same card if you are going abroad, at 15.000 locations. If you are a commercial customer and have a fleet you can buy an ESSO fuel card that is worth the money. Now and then they come up with some individual store discounts or promotions, but it is not really why people go to fill up at ESSO.

Extra services at ESSO

Most of the filling stations have a mini market selling a variety of snacks, drinks, confectionery and tobacco as well as car care products. They also offer in store mobile top up cards, phonecards, scratchcards and Lotto tickets. They often have Little Chef restaurants in the shops located by motorways. They have a car wash at every station and you can get free air, too.

ESSO and the Environment

ESSO introduced two new brands: 'Energy' with Energy Supreme (UL 97) to clean the engine and deliver more power and make your car more fuel-efficient. It helps smoother acceleration of the car, reduce emissions and improve the car's fuel economy. At the moment Esso Energy unleaded 97 (R)is the most eco-friendly petrol you can buy at ESSO fuel stations. However Greenpeace's negative opinion of Esso's actions has managed to damage their reputation in the last few years.

Why to choose ESSO for fuel

If you are on the move and have to stop by the roadside you are likely to find an ESSO station with Little Chef restaurant on site.
You can sign up for an ESSO card to make more savings.

Compare Esso fuel prices to other fuel brands

Unleaded Fuel



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