Total Petrol Prices

Location and Petrol Prices, including Excellium, at Total Garages

Households are struggling through the longest recession in the modern history. The inflation is triggered by the increasing cost of fuel in Britain and it is increasing the cost of living for an average family even more. Petrol is cheaper at Total than many other garages (as of Jan 2011) and, when you buy Petrol at Total, your efforts are rewarded with vouchers, and you end up saving money on other items as well. You can also buy premium fuel at Total - Total Excellium

Where Total Petrol Garages can be found

Total have over 900 petrol garages operating around the UK. They can be found both in cities and by the motorways and can provide you a great choice of fuel, food and beverages. They also operate all around Europe. The prices do differ between different areas, so if you are filling up at the motorway it might be more expensive than usual. See the map below for the location of Total garages in your area.

The background of Total Garages

Total has been set up as a British company: Total Oil Great Britain Ltd. Back in 1955 it was a part of the French Total SA group, and quickly started to expand its operations in the UK. They have two refineries in the UK based in South Wales Lincolnshire. They also have a bitumen plant in Preston. They are the fourth largest oil and gas group in the world. So why is it worth it to check out what Total has to offer?

Petrol types at Total pumps including Excellium

Total has a wide range of top performance fuels available at their petrol stations. Considering that you are buying premium fuel their prices are still well below Shell or BP, and the quality is quite good, too. Total Excellium is their premium fuel that promises higher performance and more fuel efficiency. They also have Unleaded 97 and Diesel.

Petrol Prices and savings at Total

Total operates the Total Rewards Scheme. Each £30 spend will be rewarded with a Promotional Voucher that can be redeemed online or exchanged to discounts on family weekends, pizzas, movie rentals. So this is the scheme that is aiming for young families and recently they have introduced an offer to provide you discounts on National Express, golf club memberships and many more.

Total Garage services

You find a SPAR shop within every Total Petrol station and it is very convenient for people just returning from work, filling up and picking up some snacks or ingredients for tea. They also offer a wide range of cold drinks in the summer. Some stations have a Kwik-Fit service station as well that can prove to be really useful for motorists on the way facing car emergencies.

What is Total doing for the environment

By developing Total Excellium fuels Total have made it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by around 5%, and also cut Carbon Monoxide pollutants by around 25% in cars 5 years or older. So if you do have an older car, you might want to give their Excellium a try, as well as Total Excellium Diesel that is proven to reduce start up noises by up to 37%.

What are the other benefits of filling up out petrol tank at a Total Garage?

Compare Total petrol prices to other fuel brands

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