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Map of UK Petrol Stations

Quickly and easily find the cost of fuel at your local petrol filling station on the interactive map which contains the location of most of the forecourts in the UK.

Use the map to search for cheaper petrol in your area and find out how much they are charging for unleaded and diesel. If your local filling station doesn't have an unleaded or diesel price then please help us by entering the price per litre.


Here is a map showing the current fuel prices in the UK, the average price of unleaded, diesel and LPG is given at the bottom of the petrol map. 


To enter your own prices click on the petrol station of interest, click on the 'update' button, enter the appropriate fuel prices and hit submit.

If you find a filling station is missing then click on the "add station" button. If a station has closed down and our database hasn't been updated then please notify us.

Find Cheaper Fuel in your area

If you are interested in helping out with this project then please email us, we need people to supply petrol pricing information from their local area!

We endeavour to include all petrol stations, but rely on your feedback to keep the pricing and locations up to date. We hope you find this free service useful.

Past Unleaded Petrol Prices and the Cost of a Barrel of Oil

Oil and Petrol Prices

Other Sources of Fuel Station Locator's 

The big fuel supply companies also provide some services for finding petrol filling stations by postcode or nearest town searches.


Shell -  A link from this page allows you to search about various Shell products and filling stations

BP - Took a lot of digging from the main UK filling station site to eventually get to it!

Total - Actually on the home page which it easier to find!

Texaco -  Located on a link off their home page which then uses frames which means you can't easily link directly to the page you want?

Tesco - Doesn't allow you to search directly for a station but rather stores in your area and you can see by clicking on them whether they sell petrol or not.

Sainsbury's - Search for stores that have stations rather than just stores that sell food.

Asda - Can select whether it sells fuel as an option in the drop down box


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"Hi, you might like to know that the link to the BP garage locations does not work"


"Can anyone confirm the average litres sold from the forecourt for Diesel / Unleaded? "

Andy T.

"Great site but perhaps does need updating. A link to twitter may make it more relevant as people can tweet where the cheapest garages are. Maybe good to provide a link to cheap deals out there as there are places where you can get a good chunk off a litre of fuel."


"If more people used this site and kept it upto date then more would advertise on it and therefore earn revenue for the site. Try advertising the site to attract more users. It's a great site."


"Can I view a table of prices in each area with a location - not just a map. P.S. Please don't clutter your website any more by adding gallon prices - they aren't needed - we buy our petrol in litres. MPG figures have nothing to do with the price of Petrol!"

Will, Halesowen.

"Great website. How about including the price of veg-oil in supermarkets as a lot of us are burning this instead of diesel ? Stu"


"I think it would be really helpful to have prices in £/gallon as well, as most of us still use mpg as a measure"


"Gas prices in rockford illinois, 60 miles west of chicago is $3.98 per gallon"