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Fill up with petrol at a Morrisons fuel station

These days' economic crisis is hitting motorist hard. It is very hard to come to terms with the petrol prices. But there are many petrol stations selling fuek and if you are looking at petrol station prices you might be able to reduce your expenditure on fuel and save money over time. Register for a fuel card for buying petrol at Morrisons and collect vouchers for the supermarket as well! (details as of Jan 2011)

Where Morrisons petrol stations can be found

Wherever you find a larger Morrisons supermarket you are likely to find a petrol station next to it with competitive prices, or simply use the map below to find Morrisons petrol stations. Morrisons supermarket petrol stations are owned by Texaco. They are reliable and are 'said' to have the best quality of petrol among supermarket chains.


Morrisons Petrol Stations and their history

Morrisons started up as a normal supermarket chain. Later they specialized themselves to fresh and quality products. The company currently has an 11.5% share of the UK grocery market. Their advertisements are currently targeting customers who are looking for fresh, organic ingredients and like cooking from scratch. So offering a solution to fill up with petrol once done with the weekly shopping was a clever step from Morrisons. They are fighting a fuel price war with other supermarket chains, which is good news for consumers who are looking for a good price on petrol.

Fuel options at Morrisons

Morrisons offer two types of fuel: unleaded and Diesel. Recently they have entered the price war with other supermarket chains to reduce petrol prices as much as possible. They are usually located next to superstores and you can use the pump and pay service as well as paying at the shop. They also offer car wash on site.

Special discounts at Morrisons Petrol Stations

Morrisons sometimes come up with discounts and coupons, however not often enough. They have special deals like: if you spend a certain amount in the shop you are getting a discount of the price of petrol, however it is not a discount that is offered all through the year. Of course, they do have a fuel card which you can use to collect points every time you buy petrol from them. These points can later be exchanged to shopping vouchers. You can spend these inside the store.

Services available at Morrisons stations

Morrisons, just like many other supermarket chains locate their stores next to the supermarkets, so do not aim to provide highway services like some roadside petrol stations. They have a simple little shop where you can pay for your petrol and pick up some quick snacks if you forgot to buy them in the store.

How green is Morrisons

Considering that you are not required to travel far after getting your shopping done to get your car filled up with petrol, this strategy can actually be considered green. However when it comes to green deals or energy-efficient fuel we ave not found any further information about Morrisons.

Why fill up at Morrisons


Compare Morrisons petrol prices to other fuel brands

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