Latest Diesel Prices

Average cost of a litre of diesel in the UK

All of our diesel prices are supplied through feedback of Whatprice visitors. This enables us to work out an average price per litre for diesel and to also show how it varies in cost for different retailers and regional variations around the UK.

Below is the current average price of diesel per litre as calculated by Whatprice and also shows how our system has tracked the historical change in diesel costs over the few years we have been running these fuel price surveys.

Diesel Price History

Price of Diesel


Below is a searchable map for finding and submitting the fuel costs in your area.

Recent Diesel Price Submissions

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"Currently Diesel costs about 107p/l whilst Unleaded petrol costs about 92p/l - 15p/litre difference! Last time U/L petrol cost 92p/l was in August 2007 and Diesel cost 94p/l - 2p/l difference! What is going on?"

Eric Hornby

"The cynic's view is that it's the government's continuing pretence at being 'green': diesel is more polluting. What is conveniently forgotten is that although it's more polluting per litre, it's less polluting per km (or so I understand it ...? ) making the prices a somewhat cynical way of obtaining more money (& I'm not even political!)"


"Why is deisel so more expensive than unleaded. It used to be the otherway round!"


"I am just wondering why it is that ALL of the stations in a given area [shell, bp, esso etc] seem to charge the same price. Do they 'conspire' with each other and fix a price so that they all get a good slice of the cake?????? If so, this must be illegal!!!"

J M Bartlett BSc