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Whilst it is true that LPG is significantly cheaper per litre than unleaded or diesel there are some issues about converting your existing vehicle to LPG and also finding stations that sell it. The price of LPG has been steadily increasing over the last few years as demand for the product has increased and oil prices have shifted upwards.

This page looks all the LPG prices per litre we have received, the prices being coming from Whatprice user input.

Please enter or look for LPG prices in your area using the map below. We also have historical prices for Unleaded and Diesel

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We also have historical prices for Unleaded and Diesel

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"Hi everyone I live on the isle of wight currently lpg on the island is 0.75p a litre, got to be of the must expensive places for gas (dated 17-09-17)"

p cushing

"Totally useless. NO GLOUCESTERSHIRE locations available"

Roger Hurcombe

"Absolutely useless. Does not recognise Pembroke even though a county is named after it. Does not recognise my post code which is over 40 years old. All it will show is London!"

Stephen J Spearey

"The page does'nt work there is NO map & it cannot find Leicester. It's rubbish!!!"


"I am on my second car,having bought a petrol and getting both converted,I drive a lot of miles therefor needed a cheaper alternative.Today,18.02l.2015. have received a letter from local Calor Dept telling me tyey are dropping the 68p pl to 28.54ppl,excluding vat,and duty,over the last 7 years I have saved thousands of pounds on fuel,p.s. I do not believe that lpg has any detrimentsl effect on my 407 2225cv engine,"

Stanley Murdock...Kendal

"The prices on this site for some of the sites in Gloucestershire as to be totally useless"


"Hi, Can anyone give me advice please? Is it worth buying an lpg car now? My old petrol car literally just broke down for good!So I was thinking of buying an LPG to save on fuel. Is it worth it? Still 40-50pence cheaper than petrol. Any advise will be very much appreciated."


"This is great post. Here we can find all things regarding the LPG, but one thing which remains to state that LPG is Eco-Friendly. By the way Great article i hope i will be back soon."

LPG Conversion

"To roy i have a shogun 3.5 v6 it does 15 mpg on petrol with a top speed of 109mph hey and have a guess how many miles i get out of gas at the same rate as your conversion i'd be getting 10mpg but i'm not because i have a e-gas system it that is mapped for economy yes i may lose a couple of hp (still does its 109 but takes longer to get there) at the top end but my mpg is still 15 it seems that yours is mapped for performance hence the reduction in mpg"


"this map LPG station locator is useless! get it fixed!"


"hi guys just reading all your comments i was going to convert to gas but now i can see its not worth it. thanks for the heads up. dso12h"

D smith

"I have a MG ZT 2.5 V6 with 62000 miles recorded. I have had it converted to lpg at £1100 including vat. To buy a equivalent diesel version, would have cost me £1500 more than I paid for my ZT, and it would have had 120000 miles recorded on it. Driving 66 miles a day commute, there and back, works out to an equivalent mpg of 49, the diesel version works out about the same. Buy a large car with a large petrol engine, and low mileage, have it lpg\'d get approx 50 mpg or buy a very well used diesel, needing new brakes suspension, upholstery etc and get 50mpg your choice "


"I think globalgoblin needs to look up, "fuel price escalator" introduced by Kenneth Clarke and John Major. Then look up how compound interest works, and apply that principal to percentage increased prices."


" i have started a petitions about the rising duty on LPG compared to other fuels, would you like to sign?"

derrick johnson

"This is a great page I saved over 10p a litre by using it. when you're filling up a Range Rover that's a huge saving cheers."

Jon Finnigan

"When I bought my first LPG car,I got the petrol equivalent of 78mpg.The same car covers the same distance on a tankful but now works out at 44mpg.Just profiteering by suppliers and retailers."


"What a complete rip off. In our town we are paying 82.9p a litre. LOL..i wonder if i eat lunch and make the gas will the government tax that too? "

Disgruntled Stirilng

"The today price of LPG is a big rip off by the Government, shame on them, there is no excuse whatsoever ! They have more then doubled the price in 3/4 years. But the crooks they have not doubled the wages of the population. ! IS a big scum that needs to be stopped !!"


"Totally agree. The price of LPG is shocking, im so angry after spending money on the kit but not only that im a car enthusiast and love bigger cars which can only be afordable to run on gas so thats my hobbie no more. Also its a GREEN fuel so why are we being punished for using it! I think we LPG users need to do our own protesting. Ive read we have a surplus of LPG aswell which fuel companies are burning off just to get rid of it and we have to pay 68p for it. Im up for protests if anyone else wants to join in."


"i agree with you here the price og lpg has gone up from 56 p to 75p in the last month , so what rate of increase is that and how do they calculate it, it is rediculous that it costs to go green, not only the conversion but now at this rate i think a good diesel car will cost the same to run with none of the conversion costs. like rob said it was around 40% of petrol and now it is around 60% , there should be some complaint made to someone since this is clearly exploiting the consumer, other things get looked at by the Office of fair trading , so some watch dog body needs to to be contacted."


"I think they already have, it's 77.9p per litre here now. Thieves I say:- "LPG prices like diesel is a government scam. Remember when they wanted everyone to buy diesel and it was less than petrol and then before you can say "MPs expenses" diesel became more expensive. LPG was supposed to be a cheap eco-friendly alternative - but has proved to be only eco-friendly and HMG tries to take the maximum amount of tax and you watch, before you can say "Tax-payer funded second home" they will slam enough tax on LPG to make it parity to petrol in price. " Read more: Latest LPG Prices in the UK "

D McKiernan

"was considering an lpg vehicle, checked price per litre, 89p !!!! 05/01/2011. dont seem worth it"


"The current price of LPG (Jan 2011) raises real questions about whether it is still worthwhile to convert a car to use this fuel. In the last year the price of LPG has risen by almost 50 per cent, whereas petrol prices have risen by less than 20 per cent. Whatever the reasons for this, the price differential has decreased, and if you have reached this site because you are considering LPG and want to find out more about the benefits, here are a few things you should know. (I write as someone who has been using LPG for three years, having converted my 2.4 lt Audi A4). 1. A good-quality conversion by a specialist company will cost you around £2000. Anything offered for much less than this should be regarded with suspicion there are a lot of cowboys in this business. Make sure the job is done by an approved installer or you could invalidate your insurance. 2. The installer will tell you that you will recover your costs in a year or two. This is unlikely to be true unless your car has a very large engine and you use it a lot. I recently worked out that with current fuel prices I would have to drive more than 60,000 miles to break even on my conversion. 3. The reason for this is that, litre for litre, LPG in far less economical than petrol. Many people will tell you that fuel consumption will increase by around 20 per cent on LPG. In fact it will be more like 30 per cent, and it could be more, depending on which car you drive and which system you choose. On average my car does around 32 mpg on petrol and 22 mpg on LPG. So although LPG is currently around 40 per cent cheaper than petrol, your fuel costs per mile will only reduce by around 15 per cent and at that rate it will take a long time to recover the cost of your expensive conversion. 4. You should also remember that your car will not be running on LPG all the time. With many conversions the system does not switch to gas until the engine reaches working temperature. This could mean that in the winter especially you'll be driving on petrol for the first 5-8 miles. If most of your journeys are short ones you may find that you are hardly using LGP at all. 5. In almost all cases running on LPG will greatly reduce your range. This is because your gas tank will usually occupy your spare wheel bay, and that limits its size. Most cars do between 400 and 500 miles on a full tank of petrol. For LPG expect your range to be 200 - 250 miles. This may sound OK, but if you use your car a lot you will find that you are always filling it up. 6. What's more, filling up is a hassle. Most towns only have a couple of filling stations that do it. Some have none at all! (ie Aylesbury). You will soon get to know the outlets near you, but it gets a bit more hit-and-miss when you visit an unfamiliar area and find yourself having to make a detour to get gas. What's more, the actual business of filling up invariably takes longer. The garage will only have one LPG pump, so you will usually have to wait for the driver in front of you to clear, rather than using the first available pump. Connecting the hose is simple enough once you get used to it, but for some reason the garage attendants often don't seem to reset LPG pumps and you can find yourself waiting for several minutes for the pump to start, gesturing wildly at the guy inside. When eventually the pump is started, it pumps much more slowly that petrol. So the whole refuelling process can be quite time-consuming. 7. Although some LPG-powered cars are exempt from paying the London Congestion Charge, this only applies to approved car/gas system combinations. If yours is not on the list, and you want to get it approved, this will cost you several thousand pounds in emission tests, paperwork and general bureaucracy. So all the talk of encouraging low emissions in the capital is really an empty gesture. They don't really want to give you savings and will make it as hard as possible. So, for example, when a car changes ownership the exemption has to be applied for all over again. Be warned! 7. On the plus side, a good LPG conversion should not raise any reliability issues and the additional cost of maintenance is minimal. Also, you will not notice any significant decrease in power unless your engine is smaller than about 1.6 lt in which case it would take you years to save the costs of the conversion. In conclusion I would suggests that it is not worth the cost of paying for your car to be converted to LPG unless it is a real gas-guzzler (3.0 lt plus), you drive at least 25,000 miles a year and you are planning to keep the vehicle for several years. However, it could still be worth buying a second-hand vehicle that someone else has paid to convert as long as the conversion is a good one and you are not paying over the odds. Hope this helps! "

Peter Holland

"Well Gordon Brown and Blair have really looked after the people havent they a good case to endorse Gorge Orwell as a visionary The Labour government are no more than a bunch of thieves who have feathered their own nests at our expense. Any way since I have spent £1600 to convert lpg has been pushed up from .64p ltr to .79p mainly by Shell funny how a bi product that is suposed to be green suddenly gets expensive. Is anyone out there raising this with the government as it is going up quicker than petrol and deisel. "


"in the last month petrol has increased by 3 p per litre bringing it to its highest price yet in the last few weeks lpg went up from 65.9 p to 71.9p that is 6p per litre . how does that figure , there appaers to be no logic or proportion increases , that is why the price difference between petrol and lpg is getting smaller, consumers who try to go green always will pay, yet they want us to help save the planet. and try to push new electric cars on us which have batteries which will untimately need to be disposed of and that is a task in itself, maybe more thought should be to encourage more people to go green with gas and use all the existing resources and not plough in new funds to generate more power points. i think the way forward will be alcohol (ethonanol) powered cars soon. let the politician rob the motorist there is not much industry left to tax anymore.and large companies are forever going abroad to save on tax."


"I have been a long time user of LPG running two Volvo\'s on it. When i first started using LPG it was 0.349 at my local ASDA in Dundee and with the extra 0.02 pence off for using an ASDA Credit card, the cost was nearly a factor of 3x less than petrol which was hovering around 0.91, not only the amazing saving but my older Volvo a 740 turbo went from HC Emissions of 470 pmm to 6 pmm. As the years have gone by its been great to save so much and be green, but i now see those days as having past with my local ASDA now charging 0.649 (with more increases to come shortly) which is an increase of 95%, compare this to Petrol and Diesel going up about 30% to 35% over the same time. The sad thing is that i am now looking to buy a diesel to replace my Volvo Mk2 V70 as after crunching the numbers i should be slightly cheaper to go diesel. The incentive to go LPG clean green is no longer there, for someone considering LPG it now does not make sense to pay the large amount to convert a car unless its an old classic or big liter petrol. Looks like we have another failed environmental government policy for cleaner cars. I will keep my old 740 and of course keep LPG as the main fuel but i see the 740 becoming more of a weekend runner at current LPG prices. "


"I bought my gas conversion on the idea it was going to a lot cheaper to run than other fuels. The best i seem to get is about 30-35mpg on the gas. my friend has a clio 1.5 diesel and he can get 70-75mpg in that! as for th past 3-4 weeks i have seen lpg go from 57.9p to now 73.9p WHAT A JOKE!! which now makes it not a very viable option"


"hi everyone can anyone explain why the difference between lpg and petrol is smaller and smaller, the rate of tax applied is applied as a percentage yet affects lpg more, how do they figure that , i agree with all the other comments here and it seems that we seems to have to pay for the privilege of going green, the way it is going it is just as cheap to run a diesel as it is an lpg powered car and save on the conversion cost, i think that will be my next move especially when the new diesel cars are really good and a large range available. i filled up for 72.9 p , that is more than 60 percent of petrol compared to when lpg was only 40 percent of petrol , so it reallt should be around the 48 p mark, how is the extra justified especially when they want us to go green. i can understand increases in prices but they should be relative."


"Don't complain about fuel pump prices, you've had a reduction on your income tax from 33% to 20% since 1979. since you were told that indirect taxation would have to go up to compensate, fuel duty, vat etc, (in the case of road fuels, a double whammey, since vat is levied after the fuel duty), you've obviously put that saved tax away into a high interest account and are paying the fuel rises from that aren't you?! I don't remember anyone complaining about Kenneth Clarkes's fuel price escalator during the 90's when he was Chancellor, (look it up on Wikipedia if you were living in a cave at the time). when diesel was 20% cheaper than leaded fuel. No, the country wanted low direct taxes and high indirect taxes. As the Politicians said in their manifesto, you have now have a choice about what tax you pay. Only you don't unless your a hippy living in a mud hunt on the fringes of society. Happy tax paying (unless you're rich enough to employ an accountant to exploit loop holes so only the poorer pay taxes you should be, look up Leona Helmsley on the net). All the best, "

Champagne Socialist

"hi petrol prices have yet again come down but the price of lpg is still high, more than half the price of petrol , but it used to be less than half the price, cleaner fuel means the industry cleans up with more profits from us, yet we help the environment and pay more for it, that cant be right."

matt leicester

"I agree with Harry Orwell on the Isle of Wight. I was born on the Island but now live in the Midlands. I am currently paying 38p litre for LPG at Hilton Autogas which is probably one of the cheapest in the country. I love coming back to the Island for holidays with the family but hate Vectawarms 72p litre and time waiting to get served. Like you say it is just as cheap to run petrol on the Island. I have used LPG since 2000 and have made savings. It has got more and more difficult though as I remember 30p litre when petrol was 80p litre several years ago. With petrol at 2.5 times dearer than LPG it was a sensible choice, now it is much more difficult with a huge range of prices across the country and often difficulty filling up for much less than 50p/l. The way to save is to keep the car for several years and live near a cheap fill up point. My first car I kept for nine years and 133,000 miles. My second I converted 12 months ago and this time picked a car I could fit a larger tank in. I now have 60 litre capacity and a range of 350 to 370 miles which nearly alsways means I can get there and back to Hilton to fill up at 38p. The only times I can't are holidays to the Isle of Wight and France. For the Island I fill up at Lymington or Portsmouth and then part fill with 200 miles worth there again on my way back, enough to get me back to Hilton. Soon I fear the only cars worth converting will be 5 and 6 litre monsters but then they would struggle to have a tank large enough to cover most journeys to be able to return to a cheap filling point. It is such a shame as Hyundai and other Korean Manufacturers are now making OEM single fuel LPG hybrid models for the Korean Market. LPG is used by the masses in Korea and even many diesel engined buses and trucks are converted to LPG with much government support. They even have their LPG Association website available in English and promote LPG's use very much as a clean fuel due to there smog problems. Hyundai has spent a lot of time developing their new Elantra which not only runs on LPG but has it injected into the engine under pressure as a liquid. The systems mostly available here for modern cars are maulti point SGI or older vehicles single point. SGI is sequential gas injection, this liquid turning into a gas before injection in a vapouriser. LPI systems give the advantage of the same MPG per litre as a petrol, assuming the engine is optimized for each fuel. Their Elantra car is also a hybrid as well as running only LPG. Hyundai are now taking orders for it. Such a shame our government cannot be more proactive than they are in supporting alternative fuels to bridge the gap before we all end up running hydrogen or electric cars or whatever in many years to come."


"LPG prices like diesel is a government scam. Remember when they wanted everyone to buy diesel and it was less than petrol and then before you can say "MPs expenses" diesel became more expensive. LPG was supposed to be a cheap eco-friendly alternative - but has proved to be only eco-friendly and HMG tries to take the maximum amount of tax and you watch, before you can say "Tax-payer funded second home" they will slam enough tax on LPG to make it parity to petrol in price. "

Phil Thomas

"Hi I filled up at MMS Gas Power Gailey of the A5 in Staffordshire 10/03/09 great place lpg only 41p ltr drove down to Kent where it was 52p ltr where the owner of station showed me the receipt for last delivery and he only makes 4p a ltr profit shame on the oil company's for ripping us off"

A D Sinpson

"I agree about a rip off. Here in north east scotland lpg is 55.9p at every station. Price fixing? all supplied by shell. Travelled south to glasgo 2 weeks ago and average price 43p."

allan leighton

"when I got my first LPG car just over 18 months ago, LPG was 38.9 ppl, petrol was 89.9ppl, petrol peaked at 112.9 ppl LPG at 56ppl, As of today (14-01-09)petrol is at 32.9ppl , LPG is at 46.9ppl, HMMM someone;s calculator is conveniently broken, wheres my incentive to use LPG and save the planet Mr B"

juscrooky manchester

"Last time I bought LPG it was 72p a litre. That\\\'s what you get if there is no competition, as here on the Isle of Wight. I no longer bother with it because it takes at least an extra 15 mins. to drag someone out of the shop and fill up etc. and petrol works out about the same."

harry Orwell

"Hi, I pay 40ppl at Flogas in Birmingham or 43ppl at Listers in Cradley heath - you get a break down on your invoice gas cost 27.xp duty 10.xp vat 5.xp, lets face it nothing good lasts forever and this government will do anything to screw us out of our hard earned - even if gas is \'greener\' than other fuels."


"As of today,4th Jan.09,LPG is 49p/litre in my area,a fall of 3p from it's highest.Petrol,however,has fallen 40p(I'll just say that again-40 PENCE!)or roughly 33%,compared to LPG's 6%. So which thieving scumbags are profiteering from this? The petrol companies or the Exchequer? "

John Anon

"In today's Guardian petrol now down to 82.9p, cheapest I can get LPG is 48.9 in my area. Only 33p a litre in in but I lose some of that because car needs more LPG for same miles. Not worth converting"


"I have had a LPG car since 2004. The gap in price between LPG and petrol has become more and more marginal. As the other poster says we have not seen any proper drop in the price of LPG. Even at half the price of unleaded say 85.9 we should be seeing a price of around 42.9 but cheapest I can get it is 48.9 at least a six pence per litre rip-off for the corrupt oil company cartels. Will anything be done, I very much doubt it we are living in rip off Britain "

M Wise

"I am so annoyed that having forked out £1300+ for an lpg conversion the price of lpg does not follow petrol prices when lpg is a byproduct of the petrol process. Now rather than taking me one year to make my money back (20k miles per year) it shall take me around 4/5 years as petrol to lpg price ratio is getting less...anyone remember £1.21 for petrol and 55p for lpg???
What is the government playing at not regulating."

Recent LPG convert, Swansea

"As a general observation, before prices increased in the summer LPG was slightly less than half that of petrol. Currently as petrol prices fall LPG does not seem to be falling in the same proportion..."


"petrol prices here have dropped a further 2p yet lpg unchanged"


"I concur with the average prices listed today (8/12/08) Seems the fuel companies are making the most of the reduced tax on LPG to line their own pockets. Should be down to 45ppl at least by now."

John Henderson

"hi, here petrol prices used to around 2.4 times as much as lpg, but as petrol went up so did lpg by the same number of pence per litre but as petrol came downn lpg did not at that rate and now petrol is around 89p but lpg is aound 52p, alot smaller margin. yet they want us to use more friendly fuel for the environment but dont help to encourage us. surely it should be made cheaper to help others convert, the way it looks at the moment people are reluctant to convert. and i agree there should be some sort of watch dog to monitor this "

sunny (leicester,uk)

"Hi not sure if they opperate in your area but Countrywide operate an account/key fob system where you fill from unattended pump and are billed monthly. Currently they charge 44p per ltr. Hope this helps. p.s. I am traveling to Spain in a few weeks any information on LPG filling on route Calais-Almeria?"


"This is a joke. Why arn't we seeing a drop in LPG prices even though petrol has dropped over 20p per litre???"


"I live in the Stockport. I have found that if you find a gas supiler, you can get it cheaper than at your Petrol Stations.< Cheshire Gas > The price is today.52p a litre."


"There are a few things you need be aware of before splashing out almost 2000 pounds on converting your car to LPG. It does offer great savings, jolly good but it will take an average car (appx. 12000 miles per year @ 35 mpg) almost 3 years before it can actually recover the amount invested to get the car converted to LPG. So unless you are thinking to passing the car onto your next generation, it does not make sense to switch to LPG because you will not be able to recover the cost of installation. Another disadvantage is that there are not many refeuling stations. This is why diesel cars sell much better than LPG because you get economy without losing your boot space. I am not a big fan of diesels and I can live without the big boot but I think cost of LPG installation eliminates any chance of saving a bob or two! "


"i am living in malaga spain and drive a grand jeep which was converted 2 years ago to lpg. since moving to spain in january i have not been able to obtain any lpg for my car. however im told that it is now allowed and available in spain"

jeff dobson

"I was considering converting my car to lpg much cheaper and cleaner but since moving to the Isle of Man, the price is now over 70p a litre. Is there no watchdog used to help control prices of alternative fuels, it might be worth considering."

R Owen

"having just returnd from spain (LPG 42p to 48p.litre) thro France ( 48p-54p) and U.K.(48p-58p) I was astounded to find it is now 70.9p litre in the Isle of Man,a 40% Hike! It always was 10 to 20% above U.K. because of transportation but 40% is a total rip off.(Its not Total its a B.P.monopoly.)Think yourself lucky in its no longer worth the conversion cost here in the Isle of Man. Cant wait to get back to Spain next winter!"

Stan Wood